Team17 celebrates its 25th birthday

founded in 1990 developer and publisher Team17 will have its 25th birthday on the 7th december. All kind of daily promotions will happen on a bunch of digital stores, including The Xbox Store. You can already buy Worms battlegrounds with a reduction of 80%

Team 17 also shared a few facts:

1 – Team17’s first ever game release “Full Contact” went straight to No.1 in the UK.

2 – Team17’s Worms franchise has sold/downloaded over 70 million units – despite the original game, “Total Wormage” not winning the Amiga Format Readers competition before signing with Team17.

3 – The number 7 and 17 are Debbie Bestwick’s lucky numbers (Team17, Worms launched on 17th November, Team17’s birthday is the 7th , Her birthday is also the 7th March– spooky!).

4 – Team17 have released 34 unique titled games (Worms franchise counted as 1).

5 – The ‘Concrete Donkey’ from the Worms series of videogames actually existed as a garden ornament in the garden of Worms creator Andy Davidson’s parents. As a child the young Andy was afraid of the Concrete Donkey.

6 – Worms was first prototyped on a Texas Instruments calculator during an A-Level maths lesson.

7 – Project X, Team17’s Amiga classic was so difficult most people struggled to get past Level 2/3, so Team17 ended up realising a cheat mode on the cover mount disk of a many Amiga magazines to help struggling players.

8 – Alien Breed had 87 cheats and secrets locked in the game. Most of the cheat codes are totally unprintable today!

9 – Alien Breed SE took 6 weeks in development to remix and stayed No1 in the UK for 33 weeks.

10 – Team17 partnered with superstar legends (in our opinion) Epic Megagames and Housemarque to publish “Silverball” and “Superstardust” in the 1990’s.