Start writing for LifeisXbox! Searching for a new editor!

I would like to start 2018 with a fresh new friend, to join our writing team. Not only to reduce the working load but to allow new features for LifeisXbox. Are you interested? 

When I started my little project I never thought it would have ended up like this. LifeisXbox isn’t the most visited website but with an average of 4000 readers for a single review you could say it’s been a succes.

This is the third year for the website and the past months have been great but very, very busy. That’s why I’m looking for immediate help, feel free to contact me on Twitter for more information!


  • Writing in English isn’t a problem.
  • Have a Facebook account (we organise things in a private FB-group.
  • Enough time to write 1 or 2 reviews in a week.