Sin Slayers

Sin Slayers

Hi there, exciting to share my first review on LifeisXbox! This is Sin Slayers and probably one of my favorite games I’ve played this year! From exploring new places to battling monsters, I’ve never been so focused on a game before. Even though I am a huge fan of realistic experiences, this game with its beautiful pixel-style visuals has really got me addicted ! I wasn’t too sure about it when I first saw the images on Steam, but once I started playing, there was no wanting to go back! But let’s just get started with this review, so you’ll understand why I like it so much!

What do you do? Although this is a singleplayer game, you play with a party of 3 characters. You’ve got a knight, archer and a mage. The main thing in this game is to explore, find items, do quests and battle monsters!

  • Characters: You start with a party of 3, one warrior for close combat fights, one mage for healing and one archer for far-distance combats. You can play with 10 different characters, but only 3 of them can be in your party. You can have conversations with other characters in the game,it is a shame you can’t select answers but they are serious and sometimes a bit silly.
  • UI & Visuals: If you are not into the pixel-style and more into realistic visuals: you might still like this game. Why? Because, even though this game doesn’t look realistic at all, I, as a realistic visual lover myself, enjoyed this game for its pixels. The game doesn’t give you ‘oldskool’ vibes, it’s actually pretty impressive: the special effects like sparkles, fog and hovering over objects, is very satisfying. Hovering over something or someone will show more information about what it/they do in a fancy style.
  • Gameplay: It didn’t take me long to understand what I was doing or what I had to do. For beginners, you get a lot of information about what you can do. You start with a new game, and you’ll get a shortcut scene about the story of a warrior, who you’ll be able to play as during the game. After that, you’ll get an idea of how the UI looks like, and the conversation starts with a blind sage. After that, you can interact with doors, other characters, and objects.
  • Battles: The interface of a battle-mode is also very easy to learn if you have experience in fight games like Tekken, Pokémon and such games. You cannot move your characters around, they’ll stick to one position, but you can swap your characters to another position. It is a turn-based battle, so you can only attack once. The fights are quite easy, you can see the enemy’s health bar, armor bar and the bar that shows how much rage points they have. Rage points are the points you’ll receive when starting the next round. (When every one of your party has done their part, and the next ‘round’ of attacks begins.)
  • Inventory: The inventory is very useful, you have a lot of tabs on the side that show you other options. It feels like the inventory of Minecraft because you have so much storage and can craft certain items when you have the right resources.
  • Exploring, moving around: Exploring different locations is easy, but it’s not the type of exploring that I like. You basically click on squares, your character moves to that square and sometimes you find monsters, which will force you to start a battle. And sometimes you’ll find useful items.
    • Traps: But.. you can also find traps. You’ll have to disarm these traps with a disarm-trap kit. If you’re out of disarm-trap kits, and you find another trap, you are in trouble.
  • Sounds: The background music is kind of disturbing, too chaotic. But the special effect sounds are okay.
  • Game Over: This is something I didn’t like that much but challenges the player to continue. When you lose a fight, you spawn back to the church and you’ll have to discover everything again. I’m aware that’s the point of a rogue-game but the punishing nature isn’t really my cup of tea.


Score: 78%
This game is great when it comes to the visual experience, the gameplay and battle experience. You have a lot of options in this game, but the conversations that you have with other characters, aren’t giving your optional answers. You can only click continue. Maybe giving the player more options to choose from to change the storylines, would be even better for the story. Also, if you like a more ‘open world’ experience, this game doesn’t offer that at all. Other than that, I think the price of this game is affordable and worth it. You might also spend some weeks on this game, depending on how long you can handle playing.

Developer: goonswarm Publisher: Black Tower Entertainment
Played on: PC
Perfect for: Pixel & RPG fans
Steam game store link: Click here