Short review: One Night Stand

Short review: One Night Stand

Ratalaika has been porting some unique games for Xbox One and this latest one, One Night Stand is surely one you wouldn’t expect to see on consoles. You might be familiar with this in real life or not but the game is about waking up next to someone and not knowing who she is. I don’t have to write how awkward this situation can be, right?

I don't know who she is but she looks pretty this way!

The game starts with you waking up with a massive headache, shortly after you realise that you lay beside a girl that you don’t know… naked. You take control of the situation and depending on what you say and do 12 different endings can be unlocked. This visual novel doesn’t really have much gameplay besides choosing what to say and whether or not to steal her underpants. Moral choices will change the outcome on if you stay friends, start a relationship or simply end up naked on the street. It is interesting at first but ends up rather boring, replaying the short story isn’t that fun and the game doesn’t reward the player with anything else than simple dialogue.

Score: 50%
Pun not intended but the length is a real issue for One Night Stand, sure you have 12 different endings but you could finish the game in less than ten minutes. I had fun for about 40 minutes but ending up deleting the game afterwards as I wasn’t going for the full 1000 Gamerscore. If visual novels are your thing or you just want to play somethign new than One Night Stand is something you could try!


One Night Stand Review

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