Short review: Caretaker Game

Short review: Caretaker Game

Alarm bells start ringing when you almost spend more time writing the review about a game than actually playing it. This is sadly the case for Caretaker Game from developer PulseTenseGames, this first-person horror investigation experience is a perfect October release for having some Halloween scares behind your telly but a real short one. We have been treated with some decent horror games lately, Blair Witch to name one and fans of the genre can now get another fresh jumpscare game for a pretty low price of €8.

Will you dance with me? Caretaker is full of unclear messages like you can see on the screenshot. You are a journalist that is investigating an urban legend, in this place a nutcase killed all his co-workers and you want to find out if the rumors are true that a monster is now inhabiting the workplace. The limited story that is available is all told by background messages and documents, it remains a little disappointing but at least it gives you a reason why you want to visit this place. The main positive thing about Caretaker is the sound when you play with a headphone and the atmosphere, you truly are running around scared and you never know when a jumpscare or .. “something” attacks you. Visually and performance-wise the game is pretty decent too, everything is dark and surprisingly detailed. You’ll see the end of the game in less than an hour and the saving grace about Caretaker is the overall scary experience. Gaming wise things never become interesting or unique, you collect keys to open doors, run from “something” and try to find your way out of a maze-like building. There is zero replay value and honestly nothing that makes it stand out as a horror game. As a Horror fan, it is a nice way to kill some time but it definitely won’t be anyone’s favorite.



Caretaker Game is a rather tasteless gameplay experience, it never introduces something fun or unique. While the creepy atmosphere, sound and visuals are definitely better than expected I was disappointed with what was presented. Too short, no replay value, boring gameplay and an unclear story.