Second Opinion Review | Infinitrap: Rehamstered

Second Opinion Review | Infinitrap: Rehamstered

LifeisXbox’s Infinitrap: Rehamstered Review | Time to delve in dangerous dungeons, get past troublesome traps, and ultimately reach the end goal in Infinitrap: Rehamstered; and yes, hamsters may be involved but I wouldn’t want to spoil anything. On your ever-changing journey there will be noticeable frustration, countless dangers, and continuous trial and error that will get you killed multiple times. Like, seriously, I can almost guarantee that you will die and keep dying. This is how the game has been designed, giving challenging content that not only makes you question your approach but mixes up the possibilities you have to hand. Infinitrap: Rehamstered has been developed and published by Shadebob Games to bring an action and adventure title that always had me coming back for more and really did exceed expectations for me. Dungeons will test you, your capabilities, and patience in the funnest and yet most frustrating way possible.

ℹ️ |VicciVulpix played Infinitrap: Rehamstered for Six Hours on Xbox One S. This game is also available on Xbox Series S/X, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, and Steam.

This is a second opinion review without a score. We previously reviewed this game on PC. You can read that review here:

What we liked!

  • Level design | Each level has a different route that you are required to take in order to reach your end goal. Each level has to be maneuvered in divergent ways with tricks and secrets shattered around. This is because of the ever-changing layout of the levels needing to be looked at along with treacherous surroundings you will find yourself around. Whether it’s boulders and flamethrowers, spiked tiles and unstable flooring, or zombies and spiked turtle-like creatures – there will always be something or another getting in your way. Having these changes across the course of the game made for varied tactics and ways of tackling each individual stage.
  • Play around mechanics | As for controls in Infinitrap: Rehamstered, there are a couple that will naturally become second nature and others that will need to be used carefully to avoid taking damage. Obviously, you jog through everything but you need to be aware that the longer you move without stopping, the faster you will become, and as you can imagine, this can be useful and troublesome at the same time. You can crouch underneath arrows, slide over open areas, and jump to specific tiles. On the other hand, webbed areas can slow you down and cracked ground will be your downfall, quite literally, so you will have to be mindful of your surroundings at all times.
  • Entertaining visuals | Yes, I do describe Infinitrap: Rehamstered as a hardcore game but that doesn’t mean the visuals can’t be funny. When idle for a short amount of time, your character will start randomly flossing or waving towards you which had me smiling frequently. Also, whenever I found myself dying, the visuals made this look amusing in some cases; my favourite has to be the zombies munching on my body. The game itself has a bright and contrasting appearance, giving not just a fun factor but also a feeling of the unknown that worked exceptionally well. Each set of levels has a change in colour to represent the prominent colour, with green being acid and red being fire for example.
  • Compelling audio | The main menu, title screen, and level selection page uses the same catchy beat but is on a very noticable short loop. This wasn’t an issue though as you get into the gameplay quick enough for it not to matter. The music that surrounds the actual gameplay changes depending on the level, with some music being relaxing and buoyant whereas others I thought sounded more spooky and mysterious. Sound effects have also been incorporated well by giving sound cues on traps along with visuals. There are also sounds for each movement, when you trek over webbed tiles, pick ups, level completion, and much more. All sounds compliment the game in one way or another.
  • Scoreboard included | For those who are competitive and want to achieve the highest score for each level, there is a scoreboard which is shown at the end of each level once you’ve completed it. It shows deaths, time, and how many coins you managed to collect that I believe all contribute to your score. There are hourglasses to be found which reduces the overall time you have spent in the level. This certainly brings a more competitive side to players that I found to be quite enjoyable. It will have you, as it did me, restarting levels and trying everything in your power to be at the top each time.
  • A story to be told | I was delighted to learn there was a story behind Infinitrap: Rehamstered and it wasn’t just made to be another adventure game. Being Ohio Jack, who refers to himself as the world’s second best adventurer in the world, you are on a personal quest to search for the cup whilst avoiding troublesome dangers and enemies that will have you using space, traps, and objects to your advantage, while also dodging these, keeping yourself safe the best you can. You will also encounter different people and creatures during your travels that add to the depth of the game, and even if it seems like a small factor, I was happy to see this included.
  • Requires map awareness | During the larger levels especially, I find you are required to have more map awareness to realise where you’ve been, where you still need to explore, and how your placement could be compromised by multiple dangers that may connect along the way. With mechanisms creating murderous sections, not only do you have to navigate your way through to the end of the level but you need to collect coins and find keys to survive and progress. I liked the feeling of mystery and not knowing but also if I did know, it helped me out in the long run.

Somewhere between

  • Limited levels | Overall, Infinitrap: Rehamstered consists of X levels that each come with their own challenging layout for you to venture through and find what you seek. However, although I found it took a fair amount of persistence and effort to get through these levels, I still would have liked to experience more from the game with the addition of even more complex/advanced levels. Yes, I could see a slightly longer story with increased difficulty and complex areas to venture through, bringing Infinitrap: Rehamstered together to make full use of the true chaos that is witnessed at all times.
  • Checkpoint system | I’m usually all for checkpoints as it more often than not gives you a safe space to reset and try again. Infinitrap: Rehamstered also used a checkpoint system that appeared in the later levels but surprisingly, at least in my opinion, I think having checkpoints perhaps made the game easier than intended. I did like the hardcore element should you die, and it’s inevitable that you will countless times, that you are reset back to the beginning as this meant you couldn’t just cheese your way through. With there being many gamers out there who prefer more of a challenge, I believe it would have been nice to have the option to disable these or not have them included full stop.

What we disliked

  • Level selection | Although this was a very minor issue, it did annoy me each time that made it worth mentioning. So, when closing the game or exiting any level, you would be sent back to the main menu and this was absolutely fine. However, when you then click continue, the game will send you back to the very first level on the selection screen, not to the furthest level you’ve progressed to. It was a slight inconvienience that I think could be changed/rectified easily enough to create better accessibility.

How long to beat the story | Approximately 4-6 Hours
How long to achieve 1000G | Approximately 4-6 Hours
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