Run Jump Rabbit Turtle

Run Jump Rabbit Turtle

Run Jump Rabbit Turtle is a challenging platformer game, in which you play as a rabbit and turtle that have been combined into a shape-shifting animal by a Monkey Wizard. It’s your goal to collect magical kiwis. Yes, you read that right, kiwis, because why the fuck not, right? Run Jump Rabbit Turtle seems to be Badwrong Games’ first release, making an accessible and easy game that has the controls and characters in the game’s title already.

A bunny who, from the looks of it, is on drugs.
  • ?! parts in the game: I’m sorry this sounds very vague, so allow me to explain. Sometimes during the game, you’ll see a blue question mark. This indicates that you have a certain amount of time to finish a small task, or you have to survive a certain small part of the game. It’s up to you to reach the exclamation mark in time or survive your way to the exclamation mark. I found this a very fun and welcome challenge during my adventure.
Rabbit turned into a bouncy turtle.
  • Humor: I feel like the developers tried to put in some humor but failed. There are few actual funny jokes, but most just feel forced, leaving you reacting with a facepalm or a sigh. I also feel like a lot of focus was put on being in the caves and having no wifi connection. Maybe this was done on purpose to compel to a younger audience that is addicted to their smartphone and being online 24/7? I don’t know, but it felt too forced.  
  • Story: Okay so a weird wizard combined a rabbit and turtle into a hybrid animal so they can travel through dangerous caves and collect magical…kiwis. Oh but the kiwis can rot so make sure you get them in time! Okay, the story isn’t terrible, but it isn’t the most creative either. I just didn’t really enjoy it but since this is a platformer game and the main focus is on the gameplay, I put this in the mixed section instead of straight off calling it bad.
  • New things vs the same setting: The game keeps adding new things in every new area, which keeps it rather engaging. However, the setting doesn’t really change, since you’re in caves all the time and they look all the same. It all feels very dark, of course, but still some brown caves, some grey caves, that would’ve already made a difference instead of always the same looking brown caves that just start to feel boring.
I guess Badger is one big ass weirdo.
  • Music: The music is just plain annoying, to be honest. I tried listening to it while playing but ended up turning it off because of two reasons. First, it just gets on your nerves instead of creating a soothing background tune. Second, my boyfriend literally asked me to turn that goddamn music off because it was so annoying. This is definitely not the kind of chill soundtrack you want when playing a platformer game.
  • Nothing special: Overall, Run Jump Rabbit Turtle doesn’t really stand out from other platformer games. And I feel like this is something you have to do as a platformer since there are so many available already. For me, it didn’t add any added value compared to other games in the genre.

Score: 50%
I guess Run Jump Rabbit Turtle is a fun game to pass some time, but it comes down to the fact that it has nothing new to offer compared to its competitors. I couldn’t really find any positive points that make the game stand out, and it was mostly the negative aspects of this game, like the soundtrack, faint humor, and uninspired story, that kept taking the upper hand. I’m seriously curious about what the price tag of this game is going to be because if it’s below € 5, I recommend you try it out and see for yourself. If not, I do feel like it will be overpriced.

Developer: Badwrong Games LLC Publisher: Badwrong Games LLC
Played on: PC
Perfect for: platformer fans
Steam game store link: click here

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