Review: Stranded Sails

Review: Stranded Sails

Are you a mighty explorer or a lovely farmer? Might you even be a pirate? Lemonbomb Entertainment has the game for you! Stranded Sails is an exploration, adventure and farming game where you shipwreck on an island together with your crew. Can you bring them all together and find your way home?

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What we liked!

  • Story and general gameplay: The story starts off a little plain, but gets interesting quite fast. I was always wondering what would happen next. In the beginning, you lose your crew and slowly find them back. But each crew member you find, gives you new things to do in-game. The first one will teach you woodworking, which includes making houses for the other members. Then you find the ship’s chef. She turns you into a little farmer/chef! And the fun only continues.
  • Controls: It’s what you can expect from a polished game. You move around with the WASD keys we all know and love. However, if you want to switch it up, you can use right-click instead. If you want to do an action, you click on the shiny object. This can be a little hard at some points (especially in the start when you are still on the ship). But after that part, I have had no problems with it.
  • Crafting: Crafting wise, it’s basic, yet satisfying. Cooking starts with one ingredient, like in real life, but soon starts to get more complicated.
  • Farming: Throughout the game, this is how you get most ingredients for crafting. Since you need food to keep your energy bar up, you will be farming quite a bit. It also shows you when the crops you have need to be watered.
  • Music:  The music is nice and calming. It changes and really adds to the feeling you get in the new areas. It fits the game very well and doesn’t get boring, or annoying like some other games.
  • Graphics: Can’t say anything else but stunning. The way Lemonbomb Entertainment nailed this cartoon look!

Somewhere between

  • Starting up: The beginning of the game is rather repetitive. The game sends you to get supplies and bring them to the NPC a few too many times. However, after this part, this does get better and more open and varied.

What we disliked

  • Nothing! It is quite impossible to find a negative in this game. It’s absolutely adorable.