REVIEW | Sisters 2 – Road to Fame

REVIEW | Sisters 2 – Road to Fame

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Sisters 2 – Road to Fame | 70%
Balio Studio

Sisters 2 – Road to Fame is a collection of 24 mini-games, Balio Studio added a lot more depth by adding an adventure mode. Here you can explore an open world discover collectibles and unlock new costumes for young sister Marine or older sister Wendy. Yes, there are two of them but both play the same. By exploring the open world you’ll have to play all the mini-games to receive more followers on Sistok. You’ll have to chat with NPCs, finish challenges find dogs, or clean up graffiti. The world is large but isn’t up to standards visually and the camera is awful.

Luckily most of us will be playing Sisters 2 for the mini-games and that’s where the fun is at! These can be played with up to three other local players. Important to know is that there isn’t an online mode, that’s a bit disappointing. The mini-games are all easy to learn and play, aimed at younger players but adults will find it enjoyable too. You have horse riding, an elimination game by jumping on a bouncing castle, rhythm mechanics, fishing, and many other crazy activities. A few fillers are included too that don’t add much value, for example counting dogs but most of the 24 mini-games are fun.

Child-friendly controls and clear explanations mean that any age can win. In conclusion, Sisters 2 – Road to Fame is a great party game when you have friends over. The single-player adventure mode is a surprisingly large experience but is plagued by dated visuals. It certainly has some cuteness and nice details but seems straight out of the Xbox 360 period. Which of course does not affect the enjoyable gameplay. However, the adventure mode quickly became too much and I just went to the quick-play option to play the mini-games. A game like Sisters 2 increases my yearning for a new Fuzion Frenzy. If you’re looking for something similar, you’ve come to the right place with this game.