Review | Magic Twins

Review | Magic Twins

LifeisXbox’s Magic Twins Review | KAWAII! Yes, that is how I will start this off! Are you looking for a great way to spend some time together with a friend or a lover? Or are you looking to have the time of your life while playing a cute game? Alone or with a friend on the same computer? Then I’m sure you will enjoy Magic Twins made by the lovely people over at Flying beast labs. So let’s get it to it, shall we?

We played Magic Twins for the magical 6 hours on Steam. This game is also available on the Nintendo Switch!

What we liked!

  • Story: In a family-friendly co-op game, you are expecting a cute but great story. Well, Magic Twins will deliver precisely that for both young and old! I played this game with my girlfriend Mikachu, and we had an absolute blast playing it. It’s a story that you really need to experience for yourself because it felt magical. So get your magic wands and clouds up and play as Abra or Cadabra! And help the Cauldron save the world from an unstoppable horde of elementals!  
  • Sound design: Magic Twins has this cute but grasping sound stage that I did not see coming. You, of course, get the insanely cute sounds since you get a KAWAII button, but then there is also a whole arsenal of great music! So you won’t get “bored” fighting elementals off your screen.
  • Bonus levels/Objectives: If you are significant enough to acquire enough stars, you unlock the ability to play particular bonus levels with weirder objectives. It’s a common touch that is very well implemented in Magic Twins. Don’t get me wrong, it’s as normal as ever. Still, it gave my lady and me a striving goal to perform better and get as many stars as possible instead of just completing the level and getting it over with.
  • Graphics: While you enjoy your magical ride throughout Magic Twins, you will realize that the graphics are actually quite remarkable for this type of game. They are hard locked at 1080p which I thought would be a big problem, but it hella wasn’t! Even if you hook the game up to a big tv (big recommendation here, but more on that later), the game looks great! Graphics are cute and great for all ages. Truly a joy to experience.
  • Remote play:  If you don’t try to use your Xbox home button, or play around with your keyboard, then you are in for a great experience here! Covid has us all split from the people we love, but Magic Twins is doing its best to bring us closer! If you both have a spare controller lying around, then only one of you has to buy the game, and you can enjoy it with everyone you want! The true meaning of close yet oh so far away.
  • Atmosphere: If you are playing Magic Twins, you will get sucked into its magical roots and atmosphere. Since the controller is the recommended input, you will naturally be drawn to a more casual mindset. If you would mix this with your couch and cast this game to the tv, or use steam big picture mode and play over the network, then Magic Twins will surely bring you the best couch co-op experience you had in a long time!

Somewhere between

  • Difficulty: I must say, there is a weird skill curve that is matched with Magic Twins. At first glance, my lady and I felt like the game was a bit too easy. But then, after a few levels, we were met with the real challenges! And these were great. Some of them were hard, even for us veteran gamers. It’s great for people who want 5 minutes of true focus, but I’m not sure how they will relate to casual players.

What we disliked

  • Keyboard: What was truly disappointing to us, is that you just can’t do it when you try to play local coop on the same keyboard. Yes, Magic Twins is noted down as controller recommended, and it sure plays like a charm with it. But we couldn’t even swap colors individually since the keys are bound the same, with no way to rebind them.



If you are looking for the perfect couch co-op game to play with your friends, or with your kids, then Magic Twins is a game that you can buy without regret. It checks all the boxes for me when it comes down to deserving a full recommendation. So if you still have doubts about this precious gem, go and check out some gameplay. But if you decide to buy Magic Twins, let us know on socials if you feel the same way about it! is the largest Belgian Xbox centered website, your reading time is greatly appreciated! Please consider sharing this review with your friends on social media, that means a lot for us! If you are Dutch speaking also consider joining our Dutch exclusive Facebook group Xbox Gamers Belgium. Feel free to use quotes for PR purposes.