Review: Kelipot

Review: Kelipot

Are you a fellow side scroller/platformer fan? And do you enjoy some amazing stories? Then buckle up for a game that will have you hooked to the edge of your chair. While in between the stories, you get to experience one of the best feeling platformers that I played so far. This is a unique and worthwhile game, that does deserve to be looked into. Want to know more about our experience playing this little gem? Buckle up!

What we liked!

  • The art style: In my honest and fair opinion, this Indie company did an excellent job of making and designing this game. It looks pleasing to the eye, and quite simple, while also having a lot of characteristics from back in the day when I used to play side scrollers on the Nintendo. Every character is well drawn out, and so are the menus.
  • The music: As in most similar games, the developer did an excellent job in their music choice. The music is loud in the main screen, so turn down the volume a bit before opening, but otherwise, it did add this intense feeling, and cozy attribute to the game.
  • The gameplay:  The game does feel amazing to play, it is smooth, and if you are down into story games, then this is something that you will enjoy thoroughly! But, if you are someone that actually does not care about story, then you might get annoyed by this game, because I tried rerunning the game, and skipping all the conversation parts in the game,  and to my disappointment, it comes down to spamming X to continue for several minutes before you can move on. Could it be solved by the developer by implementing a hold to skip the story? I would not advise doing that though since it is an excellent story.
  • Story: Without spoiling too much, this game should receive awards for its amazing story, worth reading through!

Somewhere between

  • The controls: It might be hard at first getting used to the controls, but when you’ve finally mastered them, it’s freaking enjoyable! That being said, this game does give you a fair warning that they also do advice to play the game with a controller. And after trying the Xbox controller with the game, I can see why they do so. But with most Indie games, the layout does not scale well with AZERTY, and you need to manually rebind the keys…

What we disliked

  • I honestly couldn’t find anything about this game that really I didn’t like. Good job Unlimited Fly Games!



This game is actually worth its price, and I sat here thinking about a way to “crack it down” or even give it some sort of negative review, sadly enough none have been found. And the reviews on steam do reflect my position. With 281 positives and 21 negatives, mostly complaining about that it is hard to learn, or that the keyboard mapping isn’t what it should be, it is fair to say that this game does actually deserve a solid 9/10. Even more, if it would actually be equally enjoyable on the mouse and keyboard compared to the controller.