Review for Infinite Minigolf

Infinite Minigolf 

The Hungarian studio Zen Studios, widely known for their Pinball FX and CastleStorm series, brings Infinite Minigolf, an arcade game that’s easy to play and hard to let go. A solid multiplayer system and deep customization. Get your caddy and come check on our review what the ‘infinite’ in its name is all about.



  • I’m not the greatest golf fan, but I do respect and admire this gentleman’s sport. My only contact with it has been through games: from intricate simulators to naïve and odd arcades, I’ve tried most of them. Infinite Minigolf stands out in the second group: it’s simple and very funny! In its simplicity, there’s no need to choose the right club, pay attention to the wind speed and direction or the amount of spin you’re using on the swing. Here all you need to do is to take aim, define how much power you’ll use in your swing and take the shot!
  • Different from a golf course, in mini golf courses you usually have some obstacles to make things more challenging and interesting. Infinite Minigolf counts not only with standing obstacles, but also moving ones and even interactive ones. The game also contains power-ups than can make your ball faster, become maneuverable, to jump or to fly, between other crazy things. Deciding if, how and when to use them can be decisive for your overall score.
  • When I first started the game, I was surprised for how many holes were available to play (something close to 2,500). After I started to explore the different game modes, I finally understood why: Infinite Minigolf has an amazing level editor in where you can create your own holes and share them online to be played for others who can evaluate your creation. The possibilities, as the name says, are infinite!
  • The customization of your character has a lot of potential, making it possible for you to really feel unique in the game community. After each hole, course or tournament you play, be it local or online, you receive credits to unlock new items, between clothes, accessories, golf clubs or balls. The game also offers you a mission system that consists in leveling up your character and completing some challenges during the gameplay. For each completed mission (or level gain), you receive money that can be used in the game store to buy packs of random customization items.


  • The game graphics are good. Levels are simple, but beautiful to see and admire during gameplay. The playable characters are ok, but could have been a little bit more detailed. However, their animations are really strange and repetitive, be it after a successful hole in one or an awful triple bogey.
  • The game is very easy to play, with the left stick used for aim and the right one used to control the power of your swing. But it felt quite difficult to adjust the power for a hole that was close like 3 steps away from my character: or I used not enough power, making the ball not move at all, or (more frequently) I used too much power, missing an easy and almost certain hole. I believe it needs a little more adjustment in controlling the power of your swing.



  • I cannot express how bad the camera insists in stay positioned, depending where your ball is located. For instance, when my ball was close to an obstacle (a big one), the camera simply insisted in not showing the current position of the ball or the arrow that indicates your aim. It just preferred to show me how amazing that wardrobe was, making it really difficult to hit the hole. Something that could be easily corrected using an aerial camera, which isn’t present in the game.
  • Except for the song from the menu and some few courses, the game has almost no sound. And a terrible voice acting for your characters, noticeable only when they’re celebrating a successful shot.
  • Not really the developers fault but you have a lot of crap design from players in the course list. People just seem to quickly make a course for the Achievement(s). A shame that so many players misuse this fantastic level creation tool.

Infinite Minigolf is a decent enough game. You can spend countless hours playing local or online courses or developing your own. The game supports up to 8 local players and up to 8 players in multiplayer tournaments (despite I was only able to play one on one matches). The inclusion of power-ups was great decision, adding that unexpected twIst during gameplay. Some small aspects of the game could have had more attention, like the camera positioning, but it doesn’t diminish my appreciation for it. You don’t need to be a fan of the sport: if you’re looking for a funny and unpretentious golf game, Infinite Minigolf is the best option for you.