Review: Company of Crime

Review: Company of Crime

Company of Crime is a turn-based single-player strategy game made by Resistance Games. I was not very happy with this game because it looked boring at first, but there are quite a few good things about this game as well. Especially if you like the genre. It has a very cool comic book look at the cutscenes and interactions between characters. But let me tell you what else I liked and disliked.

What we liked!

  • The music: If you like jazzy feel-good music, look no further! I found myself wiggling and jamming to this background music a hell of a lot. In the beginning, the game is a map laying on the table where you got to pick what to do. And when you are there, it is like they have the radio on with jazzy music and every now and then a funny joke from the host.
  • Classes: At the start you can buy 4 employees, each with their own abilities. The first possibility is a Bouncer: A fighting class that is good at receiving and dealing damage. Their ability is that they can throw people, repositioning them in the battle, and dealing good damage. Next up is the Torturer class. They are experts in status effects. These start with the ability to threaten people with a chance of causing them to panic. Third in this list is the class called Brain. Brains are excellent at ranged situations. They can support others from a distance, and they are the best shooters in a gunfight. Their first ability is to insult someone making them enraged. And finally, there is the Smuggler class. Smugglers Specialty lies in their ability to get out or into places while packing some extra punch. Ability: Low profile, making them harder to spot by enemies.
  • Cutscenes: The style of all the warnings and storytelling in-game come with nicely drawn pictures in a comic book style. Also, the loading screens are beautiful because of this. If you like old comics with the dots all over them, you will love this part of the game. Everything part of the story in-game is written for you to read with a nice picture next to it, but it also has a narrator reading it for you. Which was a huge plus to me since I have the attention span of a goldfish ha-ha.

Somewhere between

  • Hard start: I have been playing games for years, so I thought ‘let us start with medium difficulty’. But I couldn’t do it. Disclaimer: I never really played a lot of games in this genre, so if you are new to this, I recommend playing the tutorial and putting the game on easy as I did. To some, this might be annoying but I think it’s a good thing as well since it gives you something to do after you finished the game on easy and want to continue! And it even has a hard mode on top of that if you are a real die-hard.

What we disliked

  • Resting times: After doing a job, your crew will need to rest. This takes 7 to 14 days in-game. You can fast forward by clicking a button, but it does take away the flow of the game, in my opinion. If I could just keep going, I would be much happier. However, I can also see that if you do play on hard mode, or whatever the difficulty you are playing on, you may use the extra time to make other decisions. Your crew can also get arrested if you don’t get away fast enough. This also takes quite a while, but you can decrease their sentence.
  • Combat: I had a lot of trouble clicking what I wanted to do in this game. I preferred clicking only in this game, but most of the time, I was walking to places I didn’t want to walk because I clicked wrong. I have to say that you can also click to move, then click to set your direction. Followed by clicking the person you wanted to hurt, pressing the number keys on your keyboard to select the action you want to perform. And finishing the action by pressing space. However, this didn’t feel good to me and I still preferred clicking even though that went wrong.