Review Castle Invasion: Throne Out

Castle Invasion: Throne Out Review | With the recent big game releases its always nice to have a smaller title that aims for simple and fun gameplay. Gamers have spend most of their money on the flagship games but I’m pretty sure they can squeeze out another €5 for Castle Invasion. Read the review to find out if defending a castle if something for you.


  • For only €5 you get 50 levels to complete, each with three challenges that will give you stars. I have some good news for Achievements addicts, it took around five hours to get the full 1000 Gamerscore.  With some simply math you can see that Castle Invasion gives you an hour enjoyment for only €1!
  • Your task is easy, defend your castle from the king’s army. With a few funny cutscenes you are introduced to new enemies and small story bits. By not making things to complicate the developer did a good job giving the game personality and accessible to everyone.
  • You would think that doing the same thing for 50 levels would be repetitive but the developer did an excellent job making some gameplay variants. With five bosses, night levels, enough unique enemies and the ability to slow or increase time the game continues to feel fresh. Especially the night levels are a joy to play, I even wished that they included a few more. With fire arrows you need to keep the torches lit, otherwise you won’t see the enemies coming. A nice idea that’s very well executed.
  • As you can see on the screenshots the game isn’t what you call a visual masterpiece. It still manages to have a distinctive look that stands out from other games.

Mixed Feelings

  • Boss fights are fun but none of them really give a challenge, even towards the end of the game when multiple bosses show up.  Overall I have some very mixed feelings for the balance between weapons and enemies. Upgrading the weapons is a cool thing to do but it makes the game really easy too. (see more at “THE BAD” about this)


  • A fully upgraded crossbow makes the game way to easy, even making the fourth unlockable weapon redundant.  You simply hold the A-button and witness the massacre, only switching to your spear for armored knights.
  • Occasionally the game suffered from some frame drops. They only occur in the first seconds of a level. Making me think its a loading bug or something.

Score: 76% | Castle Invasion: Throne Out will provide a few hours of fun for everyone. I had a blast winning all the 150 stars, although it was a little too easy. The cheap enough pricetag will hopefully invite many gamers, defending that castle is worth it.