Review | Alphadia Genesis 2

Review | Alphadia Genesis 2

LifeisXbox’s Alphadia Genesis Review | Time to embark on a story that will have you launch a defense against the empire. You will find they have created an intense campaign in which they intend to proposedly protect civilians and rid the world of all and any Atramians. The supposed black energi that has been brought into the world, infecting not only people but food supplies and other aspects, is seen as a threat but could this be changed so everyone can live in peace once again? Will things ever settle down or will your efforts be purely in vain? During your time in Alphadia Genesis 2, you will need to travel to various places to build an army to stand up against the empire. Belief and hope will be tested but along your path will also be unexpected sacrifice and revenge of the highest magnitude. This RPG has been developed by EXE-CREATE and publish by KEMCO to provide multiple opportunities for story development, precise combat, and exploration in dungeon-like areas. Time to take control and fight for everything you stand for.

VicciVulpix played Alphadia Genesis 2 for ten hours on Xbox One S. This game is also available on Xbox Series S/X, Microsoft Windows, Steam, and Android.

What we liked!

  • Interesting story | From the very beginning of Alphadia Genesis 2, I was greatly interested in what the story had to offer. After having your village attacked by the empire and your dad being killed, you start your quest for vengeance but for this, you will need backup. Various things will happen over the course of the game that will impact the story. I may not have finished the main game quite yet but I definitely intend on seeing it through until the very end as I want to see what happens to everyone and whether the world will be saved or doomed in the end. Will black or white energi become dominant? I would guess I’m just over halfway through and not much closer to knowing the outcome which makes it even more intriguing.
  • Turn-based fighting | I’m not one to have played many turn-based games other than Pokémon and a little amount of Final Fantasy. I found it quite refreshing compared to free fighting. With the added addition of special abilities, energi abilities, and basic attacks all being integrated, there are many ways you can play out your battles. Some abilities will consume energi, others will affect your available charges. You are given an order of attack that you can use to your advantage, thus avoiding unnecessary damage being taken. It makes you more aware of your enemies’ tactics the longer you fight sometimes as I found myself failing some key battles but learning at the same time to come back not only stronger but with a better idea of what to expect from opponents.
  • Unique characters | Eventually, you will have a group of four (including yourself) who will fight by your side and be joining you during your crusade. What I liked about this was everyone is different. The party will consist of Dion, Chiffon, Elize, and Faulkner. From casual fighter to beauty in the royal bloodline, a doctor who sexualises everything to a noble strong knight. Each has a different story behind them, creating different reasons as to why they have chosen to join you in your fight against the empire. Personalities in the party do clash multiple times but I thought this was quite funny as it caused rifts. Nothing is ever simple.
  • Side quests | I think I speak for a large number of people when I say side quests are always great additions to video games. Although the rewards weren’t incredible, I still found great joy in completing every side quest I came across. Although I haven’t yet finished the story, I believe there will still be more things to do in what time I have left to go with the main story. Again, they aren’t hard quests to obtain or achieve but it gives you small breaks from the main focus and story of Alphadia Genesis 2. It’s always a nice feeling when you can help out those in need.
  • Build and form your team | Along your journey, you will find different people with who you can interact. As you will be finding allies to help you in your quest, you will come across three people who will all eventually join your team for fights and your journey across the world. They can be given items that will change the skills and elements they learn and can ultimately use in battle, whether it’s to fight, heal or buff themselves and others. This creates the ability to form and compose your team in the way you find most effective. Let’s face it – at the end of the day, you’re going to need all the help to defeat the empire.

Somewhere between

  • Visuals differ | Throughout Alphadia Genesis 2, I found the graphics to dramatically change depending on where and what you were doing. When traveling around, there is a basic environment outside of differing scenery and some more detailed parts when traveling through indoor areas and towns. This is always shown in a 2D setting. However, when you are in combat, the enemies and your teammates are more detailed and shown in a 3D setting but on the other hand, the background when in combat I found to be very undetailed and almost horrible to look at. Finally, there are the wonderful visuals you see when in dialogue sections, and these are certainly beautifully created. This title has multiple standards of presentation and art styles.
  • Decent audio | The audio used in Alphadia Genesis 2 isn’t anything particularly special to write about but the situational music and sound effects always worked, wherever you find yourself. When in combat, the music is upbeat and exciting that causes an intense but fun atmosphere. Sound effects create a far more action-packed and realistic setting also. When walking around areas, the music can vary between happy to dangerous, giving players contrasting feelings and unexpected encounters. The lines which are voiced sound clear and have emotion attached to them. However, although the game has text written in English, it would have been nice to have the option for voices to be in English too.

What we disliked

  • Engagements can be dull | The battles you engage in on your adventure towards main objectives don’t take long to become tedious and repetitive, unfortunately. I found little to no challenge with these, purely using them for quick and easy experience. I would have just hoped that these could have been harder to handle, to require players to think a little bit more as to which tactics and course of action should be used instead of just using five boosts on basic attacks each time to overkill and defeat the enemies relatively easily, as these reset after each battle. 
  • Dungeons were straight-forward | For a large quantity of Alphadia Genesis 2, you will set out to find different areas, such as forests, buildings, and dungeons. Now, exploring is something which I’ve always enjoyed in games. In this game though, there aren’t many times you won’t have a linear passage as even when you do find a crossroad to explore, it tends to always be short-lived with little reward to obtain. I think additional exploration elements could have improved the longevity and kept players curious as to what they may have missed or not fully explored.

How long to beat the story | Approximately 15-20 hours
How long to achieve 1000G | Approximately 20-30 hours
Similar with | Final Fantasy, Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom, Monster Viator



Alphadia Genesis 2 I found to be an enjoyable experience and as someone who hasn’t played many turn-based RPGs, I can definitely say it has attracted me to this particular genre greatly. I intend on playing all the content on offer as I’m gripped by both the story and gameplay. The only issue I found, for me anyway, was the battles weren’t always challenging enough which is a real shame. I hope to find out whether my adventure will end, for the better cause or the worse. is the largest Belgian Xbox centered website, your reading time is greatly appreciated! Please consider sharing this review with your friends on social media, that means a lot for us! If you are Dutch speaking also consider joining our Dutch exclusive Facebook group Xbox Gamers Belgium. Feel free to use quotes for PR purposes.