Restless Hero

Restless Hero

When it comes down to platformers? I’ve got to say that I do have a serious affinity for them. They’re engaging most of the time, have a somewhat decent story to tell, by either visual or text. Heck, they even dabble in the voiced narrative as of late! Blasphemous being a tremendous example of this! So of course, coming from that highlight in platformer history? I was more than joyous when I got my next platformer in the line called Restless Hero. Created by Restless Corp, Restless Hero does seem to be derived from their studio name. So are we all prepared into going on this endless journey? Or should we rather stay at home, waiting for Modern Warfare to hit next month? Let’s find out our review of, Restless Hero!

What do you do? You play as Rick, you are killed an brought back to life. You don’t know where your wife is as she has been taken from you. It’s up to you to go find out what mysteries are surrounding your resurrection, the kidnapping of your wife and so on!

Urk, I’m a dead log.
  • Smooth Gameplay: Honestly I didn’t think that the overall gameplay would’ve been as smooth as it was. There are a few things troubling the game at its core values. Issues that I’ll be delving a bit deeper on, in the further sections. But the general framerate does seem to on queue and I’m glad for that. There won’t ever be a slow moment and I do appreciate the game for not doing so!
  • Unique art style: I don’t know if it was done intentionally or not? But the art style that’s being used here does feel quite unique. It brings back memories from games I used to play in the olden days. If that was the developer’s intention? Then it was an amazing decision on their part! Let me tell you that… I love it when developers dare to take a chance to ride that old-school thought train and deliver a ready-to-use nostalgic feeling. To Restless Corp I truly have to say? Well done here lads!
  • Enemy types: While the game doesn’t include combat, there are enemies out there that will try to take your life… Again. Yeah I know, ironic seeing you already died and all that. But trust me, these guys will do anything to murder your butt. These guys range from inanimate objects such as spikes, water or blades. But also enemies like bomb-throwers make their appearance. But Alexis? If there is no combat… Then how do you kill them? Well, let me tell you that! There are certain kinds of power-ups that you can take on in each level. With the help of these power-ups, you’ll be able to destroy your enemies. But use them sparingly, there are more enemies out there than power-ups. So use them wisely!
Why does it look like the guarding is slumped against the wall? Shouldn’t guardians be, I don’t know… Standing?!
  • Moonman: One thing that I really hated? Was the overall movement of Rick. It felt as if I was walking on the moon. Not only are your jumps fickle, but they also feel as if you are lighter than air. That also means that the game will NOT hesitate to send you careening off right into a trap or sawblade. Bastards… Could I at least get some weight onto my character? I know that I died and all, but come on… That doesn’t mean that I lost so much weight that I just simply become a feather!
  • Soundtrack: There isn’t much to be said there. It’s a looped track that becomes boring and monotonous after a while. I shouldn’t be too harsh on it because it’s at least of some proper quality. But come on, it’s not that hard to add some spice to it! That or it was something that went wrong on my end? Hit me up Restless Corp if there’s an actual fully-fledged soundtrack in this game.
  • Go from point A to point B: The overall gameplay isn’t much to shake a stick at though. Sure its a 2D platformer, so it is meant to be like this. But I wanted a bit more than just do this and then go there. I guess I got a bit too spoiled on the 2D platformers that I’ve been playing lately, that I was expecting to see more adventure in my 2D platforming adventures…? Or it may just actually be just kind of generic? I don’t know. But I won’t hold it against them.
That enemy looks as if I’ve seen it in another game before…
  • Nothing: While Restless hero might just be a bit to bland for me, I couldn’t really find anything bad with it either. It’s exactly as it promises. It’s a 2D platform adventure, with your run of the mill cookie-cutter story. Nothing innovative or experimental. It’s just that. So if you were expecting me to tear it a new butthole? Then I’m sorry to disappoint!


Score: 62%
While Restless Hero isn’t a highflyer, it isn’t a horrible game either. Sure it doesn’t outshine its competition, but does every game really need to outshine others? Restless Corp did an amazing job of bringing us an authentic old-school experience in a game that is, at best? The most basic form of what a 2D Platform adventure should be. And for this I congratulate them! They’re a small indie development group and I truly hope to see more out of their studios.

Developer: Restless Corp  Publisher: Restless Corp
Played on: Xbox One X Also available on: PC
Alexis spent 4 hours playing as Rick.
Achievement difficulty for 1000 Gamerscore: 10 hours.
Perfect for: Anyone that wants to enjoy a basic platformer!
Xbox Game Store link: Click here