Preview: Legend of Keepers

Preview: Legend of Keepers

It’s time for another preview! Developed and published by Goblinz Studio (fitting name), we will talk about Legend of Keepers, a turn-based dungeon crawler. I was entirely new to dungeon crawlers but gave it a shot anyway. I usually find turn-based games slow and tedious, but is Legend of Keepers different? Can it persuade me to dive into dungeon crawlers? Let’s find out!

About the game so far

I didn’t read much about the game before agreeing to preview it. I looked at the tags on Steam and the screenshots and thought okay, I’ll give it a go. And I am delighted I did. As mentioned above, I am new to this kind of game and usually don’t like slow turn-based games, but I enjoyed this game quite a bit! Allow me to explain the game a little first.

You start by picking your master. Well, there’s only one option at the start since you need to reach a higher level before having other options. Then you’ll get some minions, and you are good to go. Also, I always thought that in a dungeon crawler, you were the one going through the dungeon, going for the loot. But in this game, you defend the dungeon from champions coming to loot it. I found this relatively new and exciting. Anyway, you’ll start in week 1. With every week, there’s something different to do. You’ll get champions attacking, or you can go to the doctor to heal your master. Go to the black market to sell some minions or have an event. Events can be funny: You have seen a sexually tinted magazine going around between your minions; it has pictures of humans! What do you want to do? Take it away? Or leave it? All can give you gold, tears, or blood, the three currencies of this game. And of course, you have to defend the dungeon from looters and champions. Three champs are trying to raid your dungeon with every encounter, and you have to read what they do. Otherwise, you might get unpleasantly surprised. And it gets harder and harder until you die. Then you get experience for how long you stayed alive and can start over—losing all your items and gold. At the moment, there are thirty heroes, six champions, twenty-five monsters, twenty traps, and three masters. I should also mention that the tutorial leaves quite some gaps that you need to figure out yourself.

Early Access

Goblinz Studio is trying to balance this game out. And they need our help to do that with feedback. That’s why they have this Early Access: to balance it out and make it as bug-free as possible.

The game will be in early access for six months up to a year, but they promise new heroes, new monsters, new traps, and “a lot more.”

They say the price might increase when the game gets out of beta and promise to listen to feedback on their discord server as much as they can!


I am pleasantly surprised by this game, and I am sure to keep an eye on it. I’ve read some of the reviews on Steam, and it’s almost all positive! I definitely understand this ’cause the game is fun to play. The combat is fun and fluent. The weekly stuff to do changes a lot and is fun. Yeah, I can’t say a lot off bad stuff except that I want more champions and monsters, which, they are working on. And maybe a better tutorial.