Preview | Golfie

Preview | Golfie

LifeisXbox’s Golfie preview | Golfie is, as its name suggests, a mini-golf game, but it does add some elements from the roguelike and deck-building genres that makes it more engaging than a regular mini-golf game would be. In this preview you’re going to know what’s currently available in Golfie and what could be changed to make it better because it needs fixes and more content. Golfie has potential and it is developed by Triheart Studio and published by Yogscast Games.

ℹ️ Previewed on PC | Preview code provided by PR/publisher, this preview is the personal opinion from the writer and is based on an unfinished game.

It has potential

As I’ve already mentioned, Golfie has an interesting concept, which is adding elements from the roguelike and deck-building genres to the over-used mini-golf genre. There are cards that can do the simplest things like adding power to the ball, doing a curve shot, or lob shot to ones you’d never see in mini-golf like gliders, jump pads, and jetpacks. The cards are part of your deck and are drawn randomly each turn. They can be acquired by hitting crystals on mini-golf courses or buying them at vending machines which are also on the courses. There are also perks that can be acquired through vending machines, they may give you extra energy, and extra shots among other things. There’s a multiplayer mode that is in the works, so that’s something to look forward to.

Oozing charisma

There’s one thing about Golfie that is undeniable: it has personality. The cartoonish art style, the electronic golf ball with faces and customization, and the charismatic soundtrack all come together to create something that feels both simple and special at the same time. You get customization items for your ball by leveling up, and you get exp by finishing/failing a run. The soundtrack can become tiresome after a while because it does repeat itself quite frequently, but it is still pleasant to listen to. I only found four themes that are used in the randomly generated levels, a Japanese theme, a classic mini-golf theme that has the symbol of a windmill, a beach theme, and a castle/dungeon theme.

A problematic experience

I’d have enjoyed my experience with Golfie a lot more if it didn’t have all the problems it had while I played it. For starters, I got seven crashes while loading levels, which left me unable to finish or fail most of the runs I’ve initiated, forcing me to give them up and start a new one from scratch. Unfortunately, the castle/dungeon theme can get you pretty bad camera angles, thanks to walls getting in your way. There are quite a few repeating obstacles and level designs that are easily spotted without needing to play the game for too long. There was a problem at launch that didn’t let me click to select one of the available cards/perks on crystals, but it was fixed.

In conclusion

Although it is interesting and charismatic, Golfie still needs to fix some issues and add more content to not only feel like a complete working experience but also keep the player engaged for longer than it currently can. I wish the best of luck to the team from Triheart Studio in doing all of these. is the largest Belgian Xbox-centered website, your reading time is greatly appreciated! Please consider sharing this preview with your friends on social media, that means a lot for us! If you are Dutch-speaking also consider joining our Dutch exclusive Facebook group Xbox Gamers Belgium. Feel free to use quotes for PR purposes.

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