Preview: Elva the Eco Dragon

Preview: Elva the Eco Dragon

Most of the time, we play games because we enjoy them, because we are bored or maybe because gaming is your life. But sometimes games can be educational as well. Elva the Eco Dragon is one of those games. As the title itself reveals, it’s about a little dragon called Elva and ecology. She wants to save the world and while she’s at it, she’s educating us!

About the game

Elva the Eco Dragon is a 3D action-adventure game that you play in the third-person perspective. Basically, you get different scenarios in a campaign mode where little Elva (aka you) has to clean up. You run, fly or swim around and pick up large garbage like barrels with waste. Smaller items like soft drink cans and plain garbage bags have to go to the recycling center, which has three containers so you have to place it in the right one! Of course, you can also help the earth in other ways. For example, by planting some trees (after gathering tree powerups). Replace people their plastic bags with paper bags is another way of helping out. I absolutely love the idea behind this; it’s simple yet powerful.


The game is adorable, that’s for sure. It’s also very colorful and I’m sure a lot of people will enjoy trying this game. However, I do feel like the target audience is mainly children here. As they say, children are the future so recycling and caring about the earth is highly important for them to learn. Games like Elva the Eco Dragon are definitely fun ways of helping kids learn about helping the earth. It’s a very simple game to play, making it very accessible.

Some remarks

Right now, Elva the Eco Dragon is in Early Access on Steam and costs around 8 Euros. It went into EA in May and the developers’ idea is to keep it that way for 6 to 9 months. This gives them a lot of time still to make some changes. The most important change I would like to see is the camera. Honestly, everything about it annoyed me quite a lot. It was difficult to handle and it all seemed a bit broken. Using the controller made it a lot better so I definitely don’t recommend using your keyboard. Besides this, I barely encountered any bugs or anything. The only thing that stood out, was that the arrows you have to follow during the tutorial weren’t always clear to me.

In conclusion

Elva the Eco Dragon is a bright, cute, and enjoyable game. I love all things eco and this game has just been added to the list! I hope the educational value of this game will be recognized, as its quite an important one. I love how developer studio Titan Deep Space Company put so much important matter into such an adorable game. I’m definitely curious to see the other scenarios and levels in a few months.