Most promising July releases for Xbox One

You could say that July is the last quiet month of the year, starting August and beyond the month is packed with known and popular games. This doesn’t mean that July isn’t a great month! Take a look at our top 5 most promising July releases for Xbox One!

Please note: Not all games are announced, you will be able to buy and play more new Xbox One games in July. We will update the release list when we have new information!

5) Black: The Fall

(Release: 11 July) An atmospheric side-scrolling game from Sand Sailor Studio, published by Square Enix Collective. Visually the game looks absolutely stunning, let’s wait and see if the gameplay can match it up.  Trailer Link

4) Aven: Colony

(Release: 25 July) Building simulators your thing? Cities Skylines was highly rated and loved by Xbox players and Aven Colony is definitely shaping up to be a great choice for gamers. It might be a little hard for casual gamers but what I have played so far was nothing but awesome. Trailer Link

3) Fable Fortune

(Release: 11 July) Before you shout “Another Fable??!” this isn’t your typical Fable experience. Fortune is a free-to-play collectible card game. I know that the people at Microsoft have been playing a concept for this for years now, and from what I have heard it seems very promising. Let’s hope that the new studio with ex-Lionhead developers, Flaming Fowl Studios can deliver something great! Trailer Link

2) Fortnite

(Release: 25 July) Fortnite, does it need an introduction? Likely the most anticipated game from July for most gamers. From Epic Games, known for Gears of War comes this awesome co-op survival game. Defend your home base, keep yourself alive and defeat all monsters. Crazy, beautiful and fun! I can’t wait to play it! Trailer Link

1) Super Cloudbuilt

(Release: 28 July) Our number one for July is likely a game that many gamers haven’t heard about, Super Cloudbuilt is a fast visually stunning action platformer from Coilworks. Honestly, just check out the trailer and you’ll see why I’m totally in love with the art style and gameplay! Trailer Link


Full release list for July

05 | Lego Worlds: Classic Space Pack (DLC)
11 | Fable Fortune (Exclusive for Xbox One & PC)
11 | Minecraft: Story mode Season 2
11 | Black: The Fall
14 | Cars 3: Driven to Win
14 | Deadcore
14 | Serial Cleaner
16 | Runbow (free with Games With Gold)
19 | Moon Hunters
20 | Gigantic (exclusive for Xbox One & PC)
25 | Don’t Starve: Mega Pack
25 | Fortnite
25 | Aven Colony
26 | Unbox: Newie’s Adventure
28 | Super Cloudbuilt
28 | Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun