Laser League Review

Laser League Review

Laser League

Laser League could very well be the 2015’s Rocket League from 2018. deserving so, if I may add. Developer Roll7, known from OlliOlli and Not a Hero released one of the most straightforward and fun online experience I had in years. With Xbox Game Pass you can be sure of lots of online players too so that is another great reason why I love that Microsoft started with this¬†subscription. Games like Laser League have a lot more players than they would have had without the service. Anyway, here is LifeisXbox’s review for Laser League!¬†


  • Laser League’s concept is simply enough that everyone understands the gameplay in less than a minute. In the playing field laser nodes appear, when you touch the nodes lasers start bursting out in your colour. When the other team touches your laser they are eliminated, touch theirs and you are out of the action. Teammates can revive so the game ends when all players from a team have been killed in action. This basic gameplay mechanic works perfectly and is incredibly addictive.
  • Roll7 made sure that players can develop different playstyles, the game features player classes with unique abilities that come in handy. For example pushing enemies into lasers, releasing an¬†electrified force field or killing players with a knife. All classes have strengths and weaknesses, balancing everything.
  • The neon look, kinda like Tron works¬†tremendously well for Laser League. The futuristic colourful experience has some help with the excellent audio too. Looking at previous Roll7 games I really have to say that they always seem to nail the look and feel. So well done devs!

Mixed Feelings

  • As I said previously visually Laser League is pretty nice to look at, I wish you had a little bit more variation in designs though. Luckily the gameplay is strong enough to overcome this sometimes repetitive look, so you don’t have to really worry about it.
  • I know I said that everyone understands this game in the first minute but the¬†tutorial is pretty lazy, with a few too many (fast) loading segments too. What I found disappointing was the total lack of player class tutorials. They literally say “just go and read what the classes can do.” We are playing a game right? We don’t want to freaking read stuff!


  • I¬†thought hard and long about it but there is nothing bad about Laser League. It is an¬†extraordinary game that you just have to try for yourself!

Laser League [Score: 92%] Having the same success as Rocket League is out of reach (I think) but Laser league is a fantastic online game that makes a big fresh splash for online players. It is so addictive and fun to play, developer Roll7 made something special!