As we all know, platformers are quite rough to really get right. Sure, there are good ones out there, that did a good job. But there are also quite a few that turned out mediocre or even bad. So creating a platformer as an indie developer should come as quite a fright as it is quite a saturated market. But that didn’t hold back David Moralejo Sánchez however! He brings us his rendition of what a platformer should be. So let’s introduce Himno. You play as an unnamed adventurer on an unknown quest. Along the way, you will set free wisps that will help you light your way for a while. Will you be prepared to light your path towards the next level? Or will you jump off the cliff, and splash down into the calm and soothing sea below? Read all about it in this review of, Himno!

Look at all these cute fireflies
  • Gorgeous!: I would be lying if I said that Himno looks bland or basic. The colors, although pretty dark overall? Are wonderfully implemented. The amount of time that it must’ve taken to make every tiny light, butterfly or torch play around with the shadows in this game? Must’ve been excruciating. Not once did I see something out of order, or place, when it came to the light movement. The rest of the game also looks the part! A truly well-put-together puzzle! With each part fitting together perfectly and not standing out or overwhelming itself.
  • Smooth gameplay: Nothing more horrible to have to go through, than a sudden frame drop or stuttering movement. Not in Himno! This is most likely because the art is pretty basic yet engaging. This truly adds to the smooth flow that it brings. I applaud you, David, for you truly created an amazing game here! A beautiful gem indeed!
  • Engaging Soundtrack: Oh my lord, the sound design of Himno is so gorgeous! Not only does the ambient sounds complement the surrounding look of each level. Like raindrops, or the soft rolling noise that the ocean makes. But the songs that are used…? I didn’t know if I should’ve continued playing? Or leave the game open and just enjoy the relaxation that it brings along. This guy has an amazing ear for music, that’s all I can say. If you’re going to play Himno? Wear headphones! This will only amp up the enjoyment you’ll be getting from it!
  • Endless Possibilities: Just like any roguelike, Himno sports the same kind of randomly generated maps. And I love it! Each time you’ll come across new configurations. Not one playthrough will look or feel like the one you just completed, or not died in. Because yes, this game has no deaths, just resets. Hey PewDiePie? This is a game that would truly give you ZERO DEATHS! Just a lot of resets. This also means that, for this low price point? You’re getting a game that will never feel like a repeat of itself and will continue to surprise you, even after hours upon hours of game time. Just, don’t forget to put it down after a while. Don’t want you losing your mind now, would we!
Up up and AWAY
  • Missing a map: While exploring each district, you’ll quickly come to realize that they are actually quite expansive. Though linear, it’s still quite a scare if you miss a jump and start falling. Unbeknownst to yourself if along the way you’ll land on a platform? Or if you’re gonna take the deep plunge right into the dark abyss of the calming sea that’s right below you on each level. A tiny little map could’ve helped me a bit on this part, but hey. I’m not complaining. It still is a very enjoyable ride, even without this thing called a map!
  • Goal?: There really isn’t a set or pre-determined goal. You don’t really know what you’re doing or why you are setting these wisps free. For all that you know? These could be the bringers of the apocalypse that you are releasing. Just so you could get some extra light along the way? Or what are all these districts? Were they previous dwellings? Are you exploring a dungeon? What are these gems? Sigh… So much unspoken lore that I just am dying to know, but will never find out, unfortunately… Oh… And what’s the deal with the sword strapped onto your back!
Sea of sorrows…
  • Nothing: There actually isn’t anything bad that I could say about this one. It’s truly an amazing platformer that you really need to experience in my honest opinion. Not even the fact that there is no combat bothers me. It’s just… Relaxing!


Score: 84%
Wow… David? You did an amazing job! Although an utterly simplistic platformer, you hit the nail right on the head buddy. Not only is this a cute and fun game to play? The game’s soundtrack does it’s best into putting you into a relaxed state. While a bit of information could’ve been useful about what the wisps all do? I’ve haven’t really got anything bad to say about it. Anyone who wants to enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable platformer after a long and stressful day? Be sure to pick this one up! For the low price point that it’s being sold? It’d be a shame if you didn’t give it a try. An amazing play and a wonderful experience in my book!

Developer: David Moralejo Sánchez Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Played on: Xbox One X Also available on: PC
Alexis spent 3 hours enjoying Himno
Achievement difficulty for 1000 Gamerscore: 2 hours.
Perfect for: Anyone that needs to relax a bit after a stressful day, that enjoys platformers.
Xbox Game Store link: Click here