Puzzle games, they come in all shapes and sizes on Xbox One. With puzzle game Hexologic from MythicOwl it comes as a Sudoku shaped experience. Math and a game experience? I’m sure some heads are now thinking ieuwww… but please wait! Hexologic is a pretty fun and really cheap thing to play! So what do you say we get our math brain active and read this review for Hexologic! 🙂

  • Colorful visuals: Hexologic does a particularly fine job in making a math game visually attractive. Colorful backgrounds and super sharp textures are a treat to the eyes, more importantly, it keeps the focus on what is important. Many other puzzle games on Xbox easily confuse with visuals that negatively distract players, Hexologic is a fine example on how to deliver a visually perfect puzzle game.
  • Simple but addictive gameplay: You have to match values and take into consideration that every row is filled in correctly by placing one, two or three in the different hexagons. Some sum counting is required but you don’t have to be a math wizard to play Hexologic. Things become more complex with new mechanics so the younger players might be a little overwhelmed by it.
  • Audio: You can toggle the audio on or off at any time, so this isn’t the biggest issue but after the first few rounds I turned the music off and used my Spotify instead. The atmospheric music from Hexologic isn’t bad perse but very monotone and repetitive.
  • Not much content: Over 100 short levels and a mode with procedurally generated levels is everything you get while buying it. It is a cheap game so I understand that it won’t have unlimited hours of gameplay but on the other hand, two/three hours is really on the short side.
  • Not for everyone: I had fun playing this but this isn’t a game that everyone will enjoy, it is a very specific kind of gameplay that will either be a hit or miss. Luckily this game is has a PC trial so you can try it out yourself first before buying it! It is Xbox Play Anywhere too by the way so your trial progress will continue from PC to Xbox.


Score: 70% | MythicOwl did a fine job creating a perfectly playable Xbox puzzle game, Hexologic does pretty much everything right and gives some rewarding gameplay for a few bucks. It is rather short and you’ll be glad to have Spotify but overall every puzzle fan should play this game!

Developer: MythicOwl   Publisher: MythicOwl
Played on: Xbox One X 
Achievement difficulty for 1000 Gamerscore: Pretty easy to have all Gamerscore
Perfect for: People who fill in the Sudoku section in a newspaper
Xbox Game Store link:Click here