Gamescom, what can you expect

E3 is a few weeks ago and Gamescom is right around the corner.  High-placed Xbox heads confirmed that new exclusive games will be announced and community favorites will be shown! Read on the see what you can expect!

  • Newly announced IP’s at E3 Recore and Sea of Thieves will not be present.
  • New footage from Quantum Break and finally for the first time, footage from Crackdown and the highly anticipated game from Hideki Kamiya Scalebound!
  • New exclusive game(s) for Xbox One are confirmed by Phil Spencer

Not confirmed but possible!

  • It’s been years without news from the newly created English studio Lift London. They are working on something and Gamescom could finally be the time to come forward.
  • The news about Backwards compatible games on Xbox One was huge at this years E3, it’s an easy way to get some attention, so new playable Xbox 360 is almost a fact.
  • The Developer from the exclusive Xbox One game Nero, Storm in a Teacup will announce something new at Gamescom, this might and likely will be an Xbox One game!
  • Hi-Rez will announce a new PC/console game, considering SMITE is currently console-exclusive for Xbox One the chance is high that Xbox One will get a new game from them too.
  • Partnership with Fifa 16 continues with new exclusive playable legends.
  • Season two for D4, PC release was pretty succesful and it has a small but active community on Xbox One

Life is Xbox Top 10 Wishlist

  1. I know, I know.. with Rare Replay and Sea of Thieves Rare has a lot of work but I still want a new Banjo Kazooie!
  2. RPG game, seriously. Xbox One needs a big exclusive RPG game!
  3. Price reduction for Xbox One in EU
  4. Alan Wake remaster, with all DLC and new content
  5. A triple-A Kinect game, show its not dead yet!
  6. Multiplayer reveal for Rise of the Tomb Raider
  7. I want my D4 season two!
  8. A new Lips game, who doesn’t like singing?
  9.  Halo: Master Chief Collection coming next year for PC, Halo Reach will be available as DLC.
  10. Killer Instinct has never been more popular, an announcement for Season 3 makes perfect sense, maybe with Kameo’s from other fighting games.

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