Fifa 16 review

Every year Fifa is one of my most played games, with Fifa 15 reaching the 400 hour mark. So you could say I’m a big football fan! Let’s read what this football fan thinks about Fifa 16!

-Beautiful football

After a few years EA Sports finally decided to make Fifa a little more fair to play online. Fast players and the annoying high through balls have been nerfed. I immediately noticed that the passing game has been changed drastically, more realistic football and I have to say more fun too. For the first time you can play with woman but I hoped for a more unique way to play but it’s honestly just men with extra breasts physics. Anyway, Fifa is still the number one football game for me but it will need to watch out for the competition.


  • The new FUT: Draft addition is a great new way to play with some high skilled players and earn rewards. It’s well balanced with the required coins price
  • Commentators Martin Tyler and Alan Smith do an excellent job this year
  • The game feels new and fresh again with the balanced defending and tactical passing game.


  • I expected more from the woman players, they don’t play any different.  It’s a welcome addition though.
  • Visuals are good but I expected more and I believe more is surely possible
  • Goalkeepers make some strange saves but are pretty decent


  • Career Mode should have been improved 3-4 years ago, it’s clear that the main focus is FUT.
  • Refs give ridicules penalties
Score: 89/100