Eyes on the Week(end) (17-19 June)

Eyes on the Week(end) (17-19 June)

Time to look back on the weekend! What did Friday, Saturday, and Sunday look like for our writers? What was the biggest news from last week and what are we looking forward to? Our Eyes on the Week(end) article will answer these three questions!

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My weekend of gaming started with Jisei: The First Case HD. It’s a short visual novel which is based on your character investigating and figuring out who murdered a lady in your current establishment. I wished there was more to the game or additional cases but sadly, the lack of story made it pretty lacklustre. After this, I moved on to Smart Moves (Yes, one of those easy 5000G titles) but I have been playing it without a guide and enjoying its simplicity. A game which has been in my 100% completion backlog for quite some time is Assassin’s Creed II. I’m slowly chipping away at this to unlock all areas in order to get my remaining achievements that are all miscellaneous. Finally, the game that has caught my attention the most this weekend is Dreamfall Chapters. There is a whole range of choices you can make that affect your outcomes and relationships and anyone who knows me will also know I’m a sucker for these titles. The story I have found a little confusing but that will not stop me making my way towards the end of the game over the next week.

Most exciting news of last week: Although I never played the first one, but liked the concept, I was happy to see Dragon’s Dogma 2 is in production.

Looking forward to playing this week: Dreamfall Chapters, Dead By Daylight, Assassin’s Creed II, The Suicide of Rachel Foster, Z-Warp, and perhaps Chorus.


I spent the entire weekend playing Redout 2, a new entry in the zero-G racing series that chose to focus all on speed this time, removing any combat elements from the original. It’s blazing fast and will melt your eyeballs, but also fails at some pretty basic stuff like telling its players what’s possible. But you’ll soon read more about it in our full review.

Most exciting news of last week: Final Fantasy Crisis Core is coming to Xbox. I’ve always wanted to get a hold of one.

Looking forward to playing this week:  The Quarry. I’ll play the game in co-op with some friends soon and look forward to the experience.


This weekend was my wife’s birthday & father’s day so it was a pretty busy weekend. I did however manage to sneak in some Sniper Elite 5, and finish Please Fix The Road during the week. You can catch the review for the latter one [HERE]. Sniper Elite 5 was a big surprise for me since I didn’t realise it was on Xbox Games Pass. It also had a slight change in the looks department now that Rebellion are using their in-house engine. Personally, I preferred Sniper Elite 4, and the Zombie Army spin-offs they did, but it’s a decent shooter at its core regardless. I really enjoy the larger maps this time around, which allows you to be more stealthy. This is generally my preferred play style when it comes to these games. Other than this, there were no other gaming-related activities except for my son who decided to hijack the Xbox and play Pikuniku. XD

Most exciting news of last week: Nothing to report.
Looking forward to playing this week: Nothing to report.


This weekend I started a few different games because I wasn’t feeling attached to any of them, first, it was Hydrophobia, a game I remember being interested in back when it was released, sadly it didn’t stick with me so I started Tainted Grail: Conquest, it also didn’t stick with me. The same problem happened with Bugsnax and The PedestrianPac-Man Museum+ got my attention for longer than all of these, but I also ended up giving up on it. The one that did stick with me was Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Anniversary Edition which has been pretty interesting so far. Also played some Fistful of Frags and No More Room in Hell with a friend.

Most exciting news of last week: Nothing stood out to me this week.

Looking forward to playing this week: Continuing Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc.


This weekend I’ve fallen deeper into the rabbit hole that is Final Fantasy XIV‘s free trial. After completing it I’ve taken a break from the main story quests this week to focus on levelling up my crafting skills. On Friday and Saturday however, I continued the story that bridges the end of A Realm Reborn to Heavensward. I’ve also quickly swept into the nights of Vardoran in V Rising to do some bosses and make sure my castle didn’t disintegrate due to a lack of blood essence. While it feels a bit like cheating, I might soon fiddle with the server settings to slow down the consumption and decay rate so I don’t need to log in every 40 hours to check in on everything.

Most exciting news of last week: Tod Howard did an interview about Starfield in which he casually confirmed Fallout 5.

Looking forward to playing this week: More Final Fantasy XIV with working towards becoming an omnicrafter.