Dynamite Fishing World Games Review

As of today Xbox One has a realistic fishing game with Euro Fishing, and the latest arcade fishing game Dynamite Fishing World Games. For some reason I always loved playing fishing games and this latest game from Handy games isn’t any different. While it’s a very easy concept, the game still remains fun after hours of gameplay. Check out more in this review from Dynamite Fishing World Games!


  • It’s not your typical fishing game, you throw dynamite in the water and catch the fish that are dead. You don’t have to wait minutes before they bite. Dynamite Fishing World Games is a pure arcade game for quick and short play sessions.
  • Really fun powerups that help you catch more fish. Almost all powerups made me laugh the first time, especially the ninja cat. Poor wet thing…
  • The motivation to continue comes from the progression system that unlocks better stats for the different playable characters. You can also improve your boat. It’s a very easy and maybe silly progression system but it works.
  • I loved all the different fish designs, some of them are playing poker, wear opera masks or play sports. The humor with the designs work very well with the colorful graphics.
  • The multiplayer will surely bring some laughs while playing.


  • Becomes repetitive after a while, dropping dynamite and dodging danger only remains fun for a limited time. So don’t expect to be playing this for long gaming sessions.


Score: 70% | Not every game on Xbox One needs to have incredible depth and story, sometimes it’s fun just playing a small and simple game.  Dynamite Fishing World Games is exactly that, for only five dollar/euro you get a fun arcade experience that everyone can enjoy.

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