Community speaks about Life is Strange

Videogames can be more than just playing for fun, it can be an eye-opener for situations and emotions. Life is Strange might be the best example for that. Don’t believe my word for it though, here are X gamers that wanted to say something about this awesome game.


Life is Strange changed my life and helped me to realize my personal problems. It was a wakeup call and helped me to deal with my past and its traumas. Before Life is Strange I was only isolating myself. After the game I reached out for help and found it.

Lukas Macek

Why I love Life is Strange? How all components stand perfectly together. Lonely, each piece – characters, soundtrack or the setting, – would falter short, but together all in one big machine, it delivers us a life-changing experience. Max’s shyness, Chloe’s impulsiveness or Rachel’s charm, I believe EVERYONE can find a character closest to his or her personality and joint with character’s troubles and can find a better solution. That is why I love it – how REAL it is feeling.

Erika Villeda

Life Is Strange is one of the best video games ever created, for it allows players to dwell on real life situations from perspectives we don’t get to experience every day. It teaches us how everyone experiences and copes with loss and pain in different ways, allowing us to understand the reasons behind our actions and how life’s ups and downs shape and lead us to who and where we are now. It is not only a game, but a poignant story worth telling, with rich characters that share a glimpse of their lives with us. It shows how we don’t have face troubles alone, because there will always be someone beside you. We see aspects of our lives reflected into it, the nostalgia of remembering that innocence of being kids and believing everything is possible. It’s all about uncertainty, and that’s the beauty of it.


For me Life is Strange was a turning point in finding myself. Personally I really related to Chloe’s story. Not that I’ve lost my dad, but the combination of losing contact with my best friend and my dad’s news wife basically being a female version of David, it was a revelation to see I was not alone in feeling abandoned. I would also like to point out what a masterpiece the game is, game design speaking. I was studying a year of game design/programming, and trying to re-create some of the art and game mechanics was really an eye-opener.


Life is Strange is a game/series that I wasn’t really interested in when it came out, I just bought the first episode kind of on a whim just because. But never before have I become so invested in a story and attached to a set of characters so quickly. Both the original Life is Strange and Before the Storm have managed to get me super emotional like nothing else before, they’ve helped me get way more in touch with that emotional side of myself and expressing that side of myself too. It really is something that has helped me a lot in my life. I am truly grateful for everyone involved with all things Life is Strange, from the people who work on the games to the awesome loving community that this game has created.

The Frozen Jake 

What does Life is Strange mean to me? The original Life is Strange and Before the Storm are a way for me to process emotions I wasn’t sure how I could beforehand. They’re games that touch on subjects most books, tv, movies, and games don’t touch on, or actively avoid. Like Chloe, my dad also passed away unexpectedly. I still have a rough time with it in the same way she does. Beforehand I did struggle with depression, but this was a new level of despair and grief I had never experienced. Seeing it so well represented in a video game character stunned me. It was raw and tapped me in spots of my mind I didn’t know existed still. Life is Strange helped me process my grief, my sadness, my emptiness, the pure feelings of despair I felt. I’ve been playing games since I was 5, now 23, and this series is the one that means the most to me. The one that not only did I enjoy playing, but the one I found some sense of peace in. I’ve cried several times playing through it, and once just now typing this. Not only have I never felt more connected to a fictional character on a personal level (Chloe), I have never felt more closely connected to a group of fictional characters. Max, Chloe, Rachel, Kate, I feel for them in ways I was unable to feel for years, and that’s why Life is Strange is so important to me, what it means to me.

Nicholas Ammons

It started early 2015, just me browsing through PlayStation Store and I see a game, “Life is Strange” the title caught my eye, so I read into it and eventually downloaded it. Little did I know, this game was going to change my life. There’s a character in the game, Chloe Price that I can relate to most and identify with. I’ve lost a parent, I’ve gone through that pain of feeling like you’ve been abandoned and cheated, I’ve dealt with loneliness, you could probably say I’m the real life male Chloe Price. Seeing Max and Chloe’s journey in the original game and how pure their friendship was reminded me a lot of me and my friend, Josh. And then Before the Storm is released and we play as Chloe and I’m already sold because as I mentioned earlier I related to her the most! Seeing the backstory of her and Rachel is more down to earth and less reliant on the supernatural. Now that Before the Storm is finished. I look back as I’m writing this seeing how Life is Strange has changed my perspective on life and people. It has changed me as a person for the better and I will always be appreciative of that. Thank you DONTNOD and Deck Nine Games!

LifeisXbox wants to thank all people who have answered our call, part 2 & 3 will be out soon. We were overwhelmed by response and some of the stories are really emotional.