A look at February

You are likely still battling it out in Dragon Ball FightersZ or Monster Hunter: World? You might want to stop defeating Frieza or Cell, or leave the world Astera to play some games that are releasing in February! 

Dynasty Warriors 9

My favorite for February is Dynasty Warriors 9, the ultimate hack & slash game. With 83 different characters, all with an individual ending and move set you just know that you can and will spend hours and hours in this open world game. A first time for the series too, with a day-night and dynamic weather system.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Playing as the son of a blacksmith, forced t fight in the civil war. An interesting story, beautiful visuals and an engaging fighting system should make Kingdom Come from developer Warhorse a game to look out for.

Metal Gear: Survive

The beta from Metal Gear: Survive was a lot better than I expected. It was a genuine fun game to play. It is a little weird to see the change in direction, but the beta convinced me that the game is worth playing. A fun game to play with friends!

The Station

Sci-fi adventure game The Station tasks the player to do research on a vessel that was investigating an intelligent alien race. I have been playing it recently and I’m sure many players will love it. Keep an eye on this one!

Other releases

02 Feb | EA Sports UFC3
02 Feb | Nightmares From the Deep 3
06 Feb | Marooners
06 Feb | Mercenary Kings: Reloaded
07 Feb | Dye
07 Feb | Little Triangle
07 Feb | Pinstripe
09 Feb | Bleed 2
09 Feb | Overdriven Reloaded
13 Feb | Dynasty Warriors 9
13 Feb | Kingdom Come: Deliverance
13 Feb | Monster Energy Supercross
13 Feb | owlboy
13 Feb | South Park: The Stick of Truth
13 Feb | The Fall Part 2
16 Feb | Fe
20 Feb | Metal Gear Survive
20 Feb | Symmetry
20 Feb | The Station
21 Feb | Defender’s Quest
21 Feb | Rad Rodgers
21 Feb | Space Hulk: Ascension
23 Feb | Fumiko!
23 Feb | Past cure
23 Feb | Sword Art Online
27 Feb | de Blob 2
27 Feb | Immortal Redneck