Shovel Knight review


Shovel Knight

Score: 85/100

The summary and good & bad after the break!

Like you might know the Battletoads characters make a big comeback in Shovel Knight, I asked myself if the game is worth buying without the famous toads. And my answer is a big yes! It’s the perfect game to show that old looking NES-games still have a future. Nostalgic graphics, really fun gameplay and an interesting story make Shovel Knight a must buy ID@Xbox game!

The Good

  • Battletoads are back! Hell yeah!
  • Really fun gameplay that has the perfect difficulty
  • Every level has something new, keeping that freshness-feeling high.
  • Good sound with attractive music

The Bad

  • You spend a little to much time in menu’s

Buy this if you liked: Old NES platform games, Difficult gameplay and Battletoads!

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