Nnooo will be publishing Anodyne, Rogue Singularity and Majestic Nights for Xbox One

Independent developer and publisher Nnooo, according to the press site you pronounce that in a Darth Vader “NOOOOOOO” style, will be bringing three unique looking games for Xbox One (& PS4). And will be launching Blast ‘Em Bunnies in a few days.

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Arslan: The Warriors Legend

Omega Force and Koei have been bringing out hack&slash games on a regular basis and Arslan: The Warriors of Legend is the newest one. It’s kinda a surprise that they decided to bring it out for the EU region but in this review you’ll see why that’s a good thing.

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Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign Review

The famous match 3-gems puzzle genre and Marvel clash together to bring Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign for Xbox One. It might be a weird mix but the story, characters and addictive gameplay make it an incredible experience.  You’ll read why in this review!

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Amazing Princess Sarah review

Getting attention as a retro 2D  action platformer isn’t simple, excuse my language but even big female parts as a banner doesn’t really help getting noticed (or does it?) But still, Amazing Princess Sarah is totally worth your precious time, read in this review why!

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Beatsplosion! for Kinect review

Imagine a lonely empty desert with miles and miles of sand, nothing else but sand. The oasis you would be looking for can be compared with an Xbox One Kinect game, it’s very, very rare. Luckily we have Virtual Air Guitar, one of the few studios that still make games for the Kinect. In this review you find out if Beatsplosion is a worthy  time consumer.

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