Overwatch review

Perfect games don’t exist, I always said that and Overwatch doesn’t change that opinion. Every once in a while, it doesn’t even happen every year, a developer brings out a game that deserves a maximum score. Is that the case for Overwatch? Let’s find out in this review!

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Mystery Castle Review

Meet Monty, a cute purple wizard that needs to survive 180 different puzzle stages. Lately, it’s raining all kind of puzzle games on Xbox One, that’s a good thing of course but not all of them are fun to play. In Mystery Castle’s case, your hard earned money is well spend. Find out why in this review from Mystery Castle. Continue reading Mystery Castle Review

GunWorld 2 review

Didn’t like GunWorld? Just wait a little before not looking at this review because GunWorld 2 is much, much better.  It’s crazy how much the developer has learned from it’s previous game and tried to give gamers a much better experience. It’s still not perfect but in this review from GunWorld 2 you’ll find out if it’s worth buying or not! Continue reading GunWorld 2 review

CLOSED GAME STUDIOS | 2016 LIST (Added Disney)

It’s not always good news for gaming studios, while many games are successful sometimes that’s not enough and studios are forced to close. We keep this article updated with all studio closures in 2016. (Did I miss any? Feel free to contact me so I can update it)

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Party Hard review

Who doesn’t like dancing on that incredible song, while under the influence of some sweet Bacardi Cola’s? Maybe that annoying neighbour that calls the police every time. In Party Hard those pesky party ruiners have evolved into murderous killers. Read in this review for Party Hard if that’s a fun thing to do or not!

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