Short review: Educational games for Kids

I am surprised that it took so long, but Xbox finally has an outstanding educational game for younger players. CrazySoft Limited has bundled 21 little experiences in Educational Games for Kids meant for all kinds of different age ranges. There is a lot of variation with games that require basic knowledge, math, or reflex testing. Even for adults, it is a fun knowledge reminder, especially the flag and geography games.

I have to say that the developer did an incredibly smart thing with this game, using the Achievements from Xbox Live to turn the very easy mini-games into something a little bit more challenging for adult gamers. But be aware that this game is aimed for younger gamers, parents can even track daily statistics to see progress. I am not sure who is truly going to use that but it is nice to have the option! Educational games for Kids has 21 different mini-games, some of them have some variations bumping the total over 50. Things like Color mixing, mazes and jigsaws, coloring pages, math games, and much more give a diverse experience for all ages. Most importantly, everything is well explained and the controls are easy to use.