Review: Children of Morta

This game was made by the developers Dead Mage and released by 11 bit studios. Children of Morta is a very detailed pixel RPG game, where you get to meet the family of heroes: the Bergsons. Now since I don’t want to spoil the story in this review, I’ll let you know from the beginning that this game is worth playing! 

What to do? This game is action-adventure RPG and based on your level, you will be able to get higher skills for each of the Bergsons family members. You must fight your way out of dungeons, caves, and other places to protect your family and save them from Corruption. 

  • Graphics: the graphics are definitely amazing and very detailed. For a pixel game, these kinds of graphics of the landscape, monsters, and objects make the game look way more realistic compared to the art style of the characters. The characters look way less detailed and look like a minimalistic kind of the characters that are shown on the banner. 
  • Animation: The animations are also very well done! Most pixel games don’t focus too much on realistic experience. The movement animation, for example, is one of those animations that you won’t get to see in a lot of pixel RPGs. 
  • Storyline: The story is about what most action/hero stories are about: saving and protecting the ones you love. When your land is being attacked by corrupted and evil, there’s only one family that can stop them and sometimes, you’ll have to sacrifice something.. or someone. If you are into games where the story is based on a lot of emotions, Children of Morta is going to be that kind of game you’ll love to play!
  • Grinding: To max out your skills, upgrades, and levels, you’ll have to spend some seriously long hours in grinding. I guess I’m just not that kind of player who enjoys grinding that much. 
  • The combats: I didn’t enjoy the combats that much. I didn’t hate it, but there’s not too much you can do in combats. Just holding your left mouse button to attack. 
  • QWERTY keyboard only: Honestly, there was one thing that I definitely didn’t like about this game. My keyboard is azerty. so this means every time I started up this game, I had to switch to a Qwerty keyboard setting. There is no option in this game (yet) which allows you to use an azerty keyboard setup. 

Score: 87%
I loved the game for its visuals and cinematic experience! I loved the story. Some characters were less fun to play with than others, but in general, I think Children of Morta has a place in the heart of many players who have been through the entire story. It is a touching story and a beautiful game!