Please Find Me

Our hero, Michael, is an ordinary clerk who goes on a camping trip and got into some trouble. During his trip to the forest, some heavy rain falls and he has to find shelter in a cave. What happens when you reach the cave will depend on what choices you make next. Dive into the water and retrieve items that will help you move forward! Please Find Me is an adventure game that is made by one person for 85%, namely Ignat Cherkashin. With the help of his brother Elisey and friend Madcat Sound Design, Please Find Me was launched onto steam at the end of June. At a price of just a little over 2 Euros, I was very curious to find out if Please Find Me has a lot to offer for a low price.

Hiding in a cave.
  • Three endings to complete: The game features three endings you have to complete and after that you kind of finished the game (unless you also want to go for the Steam achievements, of course!). The gameplay you go through to reach these endings is just great. It’s simple but adventurous, mysterious, interesting and fun. I didn’t even see the first ending coming. I was just playing, trying to get in the game, and there it was: I completed the first ending. Genius. Getting to all three endings provides a real challenge and keeps you very excited about Please Find Me. 
  • Random deaths: You can die in the most random ways. A random tree that is apparently alive and walking around the forest, can show up out of nowhere and boom, you’re dead. Something comes at you and boom, you’re ripped into pieces. A bunch of spiders gets into your pants and boom, you’re gone. And these are just a few of the random ways you can die. It’s kind of fun to discover all the various ways of dying and sometimes you’re just shocked because you DID NOT SEE THAT COMING WOW. It’s very important to remember your steps, the directions you took, and just everything. Or you will get killed multiple times by the same thing.
  • Graphics: When looking at the visuals, you’ll immediately notice a lot of work was put into the game and its details. The forest is covered in trash but it looks good, you know? It’s well done, let’s put it that way. You only spend a little time in the forest before entering the water, but the work put into those visuals is terrific. When you go underwater, the fishes and plants also look terrific. There are some cutscenes which introduce short and weird but fun pauses.  It’s no high-end visual kind of game but for a game that costs a little over 2 Euros, this really is a beautiful piece of art.
One of the most stupid ways I died in this game.
  • No map: You are completely on your own in this game. There is no map to show you where everything is. This involves a lot of searching in the beginning, but after dying a few times, you’ll get the hang of it and find your way much easier. I put this in the mixed section because I don’t necessarily as something bad. It’s not always easy but not having a map to navigate does add some challenge to the gameplay. Though I found I had quite some trouble navigating underwater without a map to guide me. But hey, that’s probably mostly me because I kind of really suck at navigating since this one time I was fucking up getting somewhere (easy) using a GPS oops.  
I am one with the sea and the fish.
  • No controller support: Please Find Me uses your classic keyboard and mouse. So far, no controller support has been added, which I found very disappointing. I’m convinced this game will be even more fun with a controller. I’m positive the developers will add this in the future since they’ve been listening to the players’ feedback a lot since the beginning.

Score: 80%
Please Find Me is a fun, mysterious and exciting adventure game where you have to find all three endings. The visuals complete the game experience that’s packed with random deaths, simple gameplay, plot twists, and no map to guide you! The biggest, and in my opinion only, big demerit here is that there is no controller support at all. This is a pretty cheap game that gives you a few hours of great gameplay. I highly recommend Please Find Me.

Developer: Ignat Cherkashin, Elisey Waylone, Madcat: Sound Design
Publisher:  Ignat Cherkashin, Elisey Waylone
Played on: PC
Steam Game Store link: Click here