Riptide GP: Renegade Review

Review Riptide GP: Renegade review | Believe it or not, Vector Unit will always have a place in my gaming heart for the fantastic Hydro Thunder Hurricane. The other console games from Vector have been a hit and miss but showed great potential, so what will it be for Renegade? Let’s find out in this review.  Continue reading Riptide GP: Renegade Review

Zombie Vikings Review

Review Zombie Vikings | I fell in love with a previous game from ZOINK games, Stick it to the Man. I was stoked to see that Zombie Vikings had the same visual style, to my disappointment the game wasn’t announced for Xbox One last year and came out on PC and the Playstation 4. It might have been for the best because the game had a rocky start and received some very mixed reviews for bad performance. Now a year later the game is finally available for Xbox One, let’s take a look in this review if you should buy this co-op brawler.  Continue reading Zombie Vikings Review

Shift Happens Review

Review Shift Happens | Let me start with a joke that only gamers that played Shift Happens will understand, you will read Klonk Games a lot in this review. That said, after Overcooked, co-op players can look forward for another game made for two local players, check out in this review if the game is worth your purchase!  Continue reading Shift Happens Review

Typoman: Revised Review

Review Typoman: Revised | You could argue about it but the most powerful thing in the world aren’t atomic bombs, but words that send the destruction. For some reason I have a weakness for games that use words in an original way, great example is Letterquest. Now another game on Xbox One uses the making words mechanic to bring a unique platforming experience. Read more about it in this Typoman: Revised review! Continue reading Typoman: Revised Review

Halo Wars 2 review

Review Halo Wars 2 | Let’s take a moment and honor Ensemble Studios, the developers that made the first Halo Wars and Age of Empires. On paper Microsoft found the perfect developer for Halo Wars 2, the British Creative Assembly.  Known for Total War, and funny enough the RTS game Stormrise that came out for consoles around the same time as the first Halo Wars. So, let’s take a look in this review if they managed to leave Stormrise in the dark and let Halo Wars 2 shine. Continue reading Halo Wars 2 review

For Honor Review

Review For Honor | Ubisoft is one of my favorite publishers for one important reason , they have the guts to try new things. Watch Dogs, The Division and Steep are good examples for that. And now For Honor might be the best example. Let’s find out in this review if For Honor is a good new IP for Ubisoft or a failed attempt to try something new.  Continue reading For Honor Review