FeeSoeed review


The Creators Collection is an initiative from MS that offers games produced and distributed by developers through Xbox Live Creators Program. You can find many interesting titles from small studios from all around the world. Today we take a look at FeeSoeeD, a 2D platformer from the Russian studio BUG Studio. BUG has a long list of games already published for PCs and Mobile (with some titles also available for Xbox One through the program) and now brings one more to our beloved console.  Continue reading FeeSoeed review

Railway Empire review

Railway Empire

Trains, for more than a few people these machines are more than just a pure transport vehicle. Train set collectors and builders, trainspotters and people who used to play Railroad Tycoon all know what I’m talking about. Now, with Railway Empire by Kalypso, there is one more option to enjoy trains. All aboard! The review express is about to embark on its journey. Continue reading Railway Empire review

Quantic Pinball review

Quantic Pinball

Developer Shine Games takes a go at the pinball genre, adding a few twists to make the experience more fresh. Not comparing this with the console behemoth Pinball FX3 is impossible and Quantic Pinball manages to stand out from the competition. In this review we will take the positive and negative ramps so you’ll know if this game is worth buying or not!  Continue reading Quantic Pinball review

Dragon Ball FighterZ review


The fighting game scene has been a bit of a niche market for quite some time compared to the most popular genres out there. However, starting last year with the success of Injustice and Tekken we see more and more people jump into or back into fighting games. If any game can further increase this resurgence, it will be DRAGON BALL FighterZ. Continue reading Dragon Ball FighterZ review

Overdriven Reloaded review


With more and more Indie games on our beloved console, we also get treated to an expanding library of retro game options. Overdriven is one such option in the shoot ‘em up genre. The premise is simple, fly straight up and avoid the uncountable shots coming at you all the while shooting the enemy in return. Step into the cockpit and prepare for a launch as we boost into the galactic bullet hell. Continue reading Overdriven Reloaded review

DYE review


DYE is the kind of platformer that makes you throw your controller into that expensive 4K television. That makes the €5 priced game (at launch) a little expensive in the long run. I’m the guy that likes to play these platforming torture games but DYE left me with a disappointing and frustrating feeling. It fails something that is crucial for this kind of genre, know more? Be sure to read this review!  Continue reading DYE review

Nightmares from the Deep 3: Davy Jones review

Nightmares from the Deep 3: Davy Jones

Nightmares from the Deep 3: Davy Jones is the newest adventure of Artifex Mundi, a Polish studio that has been a long supporter for Xbox with numerous point and click/hidden objects games. In the third chapter of the Nightmares from the Deep series, you play as Sara Black, a museum curator that has a long story with ghosts, monsters and mysteries of the seven seas, in search of her daughter Cory, who has been kidnapped by the legendary pirate Davy Jones. Why Davy Jones kidnapped Cory? Will Sarah be able to rescue her? Let us find more about the game in this review. Continue reading Nightmares from the Deep 3: Davy Jones review

Pinstripe review


Dark atmospheric platformers are coming out on a monthly basis lately, the somewhat bizarre Pinstripe is another one of those, from developer Armor Games. Searching for your three-year old daughter Bo , that has been kidnapped by scary looking Mr. Pinstripe.  Let us take a look in this review if Pinstripe is a game that is worth your attention.  Continue reading Pinstripe review

Monster Hunter: World

I took my time with Monster Hunter: World because you can’t write a decent review without actually playing it how it should. With friends or strangers killing impressive looking monsters.  When the news came out that a freaking Monster Hunter was coming for Xbox One I was beyond excited and happy. Who would have guessed that a few years ago? So, are you ready to conquer the New World? Ready to fight against some real tough monsters? Let us not waste any more time, check the review and go buy the game if you haven’t already done so.  Continue reading Monster Hunter: World

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