XBOX REVIEW | Knowledge Keeper (Tidbit-style)

We love all sorts of games. Sometimes it is hard to cover a game in our traditional review style that’s why we have tidbit-style reviews. These shorter reviews cover games that deserve attention too but simply don’t fit our good, mixed, and bad template. In addition, they get a monthly summary article to give them even more reader attention!

Knowledge Keeper | 10%
Publisher: Sometimes You

Knowledge Keeper looked promising to me at first glance, but playing the game, even for a few minutes started becoming a chore rather quickly. The premise is simple, you are a Keeper of Knowledge and you collect crystals, in order to collect these crystals you have to solve puzzles. I mean it really does sound like a simple premise… and that’s the issue, it’s too simple, it has nothing to really offer other than that. you solve a puzzle and move on ad infinitum. I usually have a lot of time for puzzle games in general but this one just did not catch my interest at all, and to be honest I am actually having trouble writing a full blown review, hence why it has been done in the Tidbit-style.

All in all I think this is a game that you could quite happily avoid playing and be no worse off for it. I do appreciate that someone has taken the time and effort to create the game, but it has been done before, many times and in far more interesting ways. All in all a very poor title indeed and I wish I could say more than that, but unfortunately I can’t.