TOP 5 | Games from 2021

TOP 5 | Games from 2021


The Ascent

I have been looking for a game that plays similar to top down shooters for quite some time and when The Ascent was released, I was immediately interested in how the gameplay worked and what it was all about. It didn’t take me long to get to grips with how everything worked and whattype of world I was getting involved in. The attention to detail with the graphics of your surroundings was outstanding. The combat felt challenging but not overly difficult. Combat makes you utilise your surroundings and equipment at all times. Audio was immersive and pleasant to listen to. Most importantly, The Ascent was made by twelve people and I
congratulate every single one of them for the sheer amount of talent and work that went into this game.

Lost Words: Beyond the Page

Lost Words: Beyond the Page is a storytelling game with an emotional story behind it and as
you explore fantasy lands and diary entries that belong to your character Izzy. With this beautiful game added to Xbox Games Pass, I couldn’t pass up to opportunity to play. With the inclusion of fun gameplay mechanics and the artistic design blend behind this game, the narrative fitted in perfectly and had me feeling incredibly emotional. Naviagting the various environments and placing the words correctly created a calm yet gripping title that really does aim to tug on your heartstrings.

Crime Opera: The Butterfly Effect

As visual novels go, this one certainly had a story which had me feeling included with the family and terrible events that followed them. In Crime Opera: The Butterfly Effect, you are involved in a mafia family and not everything is rosey. The mixture of emotions gets you attached to each member in different ways and each character is certainly unique in their own way. As this is just the first installment in the series, I’m looking forward to what awaits in the future of the Gallo family. Whether it’s happy endings or sad, there’s certainly always more going on behind closed doors than what meets the eye.

The Vale: Shadow of the Crown

One of the games I had the pleasure to review this year was The Vale: Shadow of the Crown.
This has been created to make sound the source of your gameplay and everything you do.
Visuals are irrelevant and the use of headphones is essential for the true experience being
created for your gaming pleasure. Honestly, it gave me an insight into what it may feel like to be blind and that attached me instantly. I’ve always had a fear losing my sight and with me having video games as my primary hobby, it was something I could possibly lose. With new mechanicssuch as spoken instructions in-game, in menu, and to help you navigate your surroundings with fairly easy to grasp controls, I had never experienced anything quite like this.


After being recently released, I had to include Unpacking in my top 5 as it’s a unique experience that I think everyone should try. Certainly great for anyone who wants something relaxing and special in its own rights. Unpacking delves into what life experiences people tend to go throughand the process of moving and unpacking at different locations in connection to life events (childhood, university, first home, family life etc.) The aim is to unpack in an orderly fashion to progress through the game but of course, we all want things to be in different places. It’s like decorating your rooms but with a puzzle element included. The graphical design throughout was gorgeous; always bright, the array of colours, the minor pixelation – it all worked in harmony. Having extra miscellaneous tasks to accomplish in addition was a nice touch.