REVIEW | SongPop Party

REVIEW | SongPop Party

LifeisXbox’s SongPop Party review | In this review I will explain why SongPop Party is the greatest party game on the Xbox platform. We have lots of fun games that bring family and friends together. For example, Overcooked, the Jackbox games or It’s Quiz Time. But nothing really brings people together like SongPop Party, with thousands of songs, and different music genres for all ages. Coming from Apple Arcade to Xbox, we’re finally ready to battle it out and test our music knowledge!

ℹ️ Reviewed on Xbox Series X | Review code provided by PR/publisher, this review is the personal opinion of the writer.

What we Liked!

  • Easy to play for everyone | Have friends over at home? Play Locally on your couch with controllers or with a smartphone! You can also play online against friends & strangers. It is very easy to get people together for SongPop Party. I had a wonderful time playing against my girlfriend, who I have to admit won most rounds against me. We both have high knowledge of music but she recognizes the songs earlier than I do, so she earns more points with the correct answers.
  • Thousands of songs | Songs from before the 1950s, so even grandma can win! Latest top hits, movie soundtracks, songs for kids, the list is impressive! Hundreds of thousands of songs are waiting for you at SongPop Party. They even have a limited event playlist for Halloween, with more coming in the future. The diverse mix of songs from all kinds of music genres is literally insane, you have Kpop, rock, Jazz, EDM, and much more. Need more convincing about how impressive the song selection is? Here are a few off playlists I discovered by playing: Grammy Nominees, 70’s Disco Fever, TV Themes, One Hit Wonders, and even Eurovision! You only hear ten seconds of the songs so I guess that’s why the developer FreshPlanet can add so many of them but it is absolutely brilliant to have such a large selection. You can play this for hours and hours and still get new songs to guess!
  • Quick and hilariously fun gameplay | Explaining SongPop Party is easy, a song starts and you have to pick one of the four possible answers. They can ask for a song name or the artist/band, the faster you answer the more points you will get. Before you start the round by guessing ten different songs you select a music category, just as the song selection the content is huge. At the end of 10 songs a winner is selected, and the one with the highest score wins!

Mixed Feelings

  • Earning stars | By completing Achievements or leveling-up playlists you earn stars. You can use them for unlocking new characters or playlists. We immediately tried to unlock our birthyear playlists, but it does take some time to earn enough stars for unlocking new playlists. You start with more than enough categories but I wish that unlocking more new content was a bit faster. This is primarily a party game after all, I would have preferred to have everything available from the start. I get that the developer wanted to give the players some motivation and reason to continue playing as a single-player game. Unlocking something is fun, there’s no question about that but it puts a time-based wall for players who just want to play SongPop Party if they have friends over for a birthday or Christmas. Rest assured though, you start with top hits, the 90s, 80s, 70s, a few genres, and a family category so that’s enough to have a fun night of music trivia.

What we Disliked

  • Smartphone input delay | One thing we noticed was that playing on a controller has a benefit, pressing a button at the same time on a controller and a smartphone is very different. Input delay on a smartphone is very noticeable, giving players with a controller an advantage.

How long to beat the story | /
How long to achieve 1000G | Playing 1000 games will take a while.


A fantastic party game for all ages! You have so much song content that this trivia game will always have something new to offer. Want to play something locally with friends? Get SongPop Party immediately!

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