REVIEW | Kamikaze Veggies

REVIEW | Kamikaze Veggies

LifeisXbox’s Kamikaze Veggies review | The idea of the common ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange, and where its products are allocated to everyone in the society equally is the basis for the socioeconomic concept of communism. Roughly. This extreme form of socialism is quite nice on paper, but history has taught us it was as nice to the people as a waterfall is to single-ply toilet paper. Now, while the people under Joseph Pommodorov’s reign aren’t facing a food shortage by the virtue of being food, it still falls onto a band of brave heroes to set things right. The Kamikaze Veggies are here to sprout the roots of hope to harvest a brighter tomorrow!

Kamikaze Veggies was developed and published by Red Limb Studios.

ℹ️ Reviewed on PC | Review code provided by Red Limb Studios, this review is the personal opinion of the writer.

What we Liked!

  • Gameplay | In Kamikaze Veggies you’ll send some of the toughest produce out there on top secret missions to stop Joseph Pommodorov’s reign of terror. You’ll be parachute dropped into 12 levels as one of eight possible Kamikaze Veggies, ready to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the world. In these levels, you’ll have to find weapons like grenades, mines, shovels & smokescreens to turn your enemies into Ceasar salad. Both man and vegetable-made puzzles are sprinkled throughout the levels, often as objectives to blow up or that help you to do so. If you like platformers you’ll also get your fill, since every level features creative platforming quite freely or encourages it to look for treasure. Treasures you’ll want to collect, as it not only counts towards your three-star score, but also the points you’ll use to buy the veggies for the next mission.
  • Veggies | I really enjoyed the colorful cast of Kamikaze veggies and its movie influences. Starting with the Carrottado, the all-arounder carrot who generally does well in most fields. With his wild hair, back and front pack full of dynamite he reminds me a lot of Rambo. Next up is Brad Peas, a small, weak green pea. Weak mainly means it’s not good at pushing stuff but not much else. He’s got a double jump and is sneakier than the rest. For the double jump alone he’s the MVP of Kamikaze veggies. Then there’s Big Bent, an aubergine who is really strong and can do a cool death rush to die in a blaze of glory. Lastly, there is Air Fries One, a potato. As the name suggests, he can fly a short distance to literally Kamikaze himself into an enemy. Now, all of them have a minute-man mini version of themselves who costs only a fraction of the points. The caveat here is that they involuntarily explode after 60 seconds unless detonated earlier.
  • Commies | Opposing our Kamikaze Veggies and stomping down the heel of oppression are the red, communist vegetables. Led by the illustrious Joseph Pommodorov, these commies have successfully taken over the world and oppressed their not-red brethren. And it feels like Red Limb Studios had fun making them since they’re all either communist or genetically mutated crops. You’ll see Bell peppers chasing you with sickles, wearing Siberian winter hats, and more. The genetically modified ones are a bit more on the mutant side than just thriving in more inhospitable conditions. From sprouting multiple faces on a head to full-on psychic shielding.

Mixed Feelings

  • Audio | Audio is always a slippery slope to judge in games. Since when it is good it’ll easily become great, but when the quality is lacking it falls behind very quickly. Kamikaze Veggies, however, managed to stick the landing on fine. There are a couple of guitar tracks for the background, and a more active accordion track for when you’re spotted and the enemy gives chase. All characters and cutscenes have voice lines in them and there are ambient sounds. It checks all the boxes, it’s just that none of them managed to wow me.
  • Graphics | Red Limb Studios opted for a rather simplistic, low-polygon style for Kamikaze veggies. With lots of blocky and round shapes, they manage to sculpt just about anything the story asks for. This goes for both the world, player veggies and communist vegetables. The Graphics certainly won’t wow you, yet they more than suffice when paired with the gameplay.

What we Disliked

  • Stealth | Kamikaze Veggies is a game where the strategic use of stealth is key. There are a lot of enemies who will, when they spot you, immediately start giving chase or pepper you with explosives of their own. To help you get around more easily, however, you can hide in bushes, behind walls crawl to dampen your footsteps. These first two work quite well. The third one works a bit too well though. I quickly found out that crawling once you broke the line of sight would get the enemies to forget about you in an instant, and return to their positions after a couple of seconds. Sadly, this made Kamikaze Veggies feel rather monotonous and easy where it could salvage itself had this not been so overpowered.

How long to beat the story | 5 hours
How long to unlock all achievements | 9 or 10 hours


Kamikaze Veggies is a short but sweet action stealth game with platforming elements. While on paper it has all the elements to stand out amongst indie titles of its size, it fails to set itself apart in a meaningful way. I sadly found myself getting bored a bit over halfway, yet had fun overall throughout the game. If anything I’ve talked about tickles your fancy, do give it a chance, as it comes reasonably priced.

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