GunWorld 2 review

Didn’t like GunWorld? Just wait a little before not looking at this review because GunWorld 2 is much, much better.  It’s crazy how much the developer has learned from it’s previous game and tried to give gamers a much better experience. It’s still not perfect but in this review from GunWorld 2 you’ll find out if it’s worth buying or not!


  • The idea behind growing your guns with seeds is funny and works perfectly with the retro platform gameplay
  • Enemies and level design is perfectly balanced (big difference with the first GunWorld) It’s fun searching what gun works best on the different enemies.
  • I absolutely loved the good old soundtrack
  • With Story and two other fun modes the game has something for every platform fan and gives the game a high replay value.
  • GunWorld 2 introduces some RPG elements that totally fit the game
  • Each level has many secrets, you’ll be attacking every block on your screen to find some extra coins.
  • While it’s limited the story and the odd few dialogue moments provide some funny moments.
  • The graphics are a NES homage and the art design stands out, really remarkable and well done.


  • In Story progressing can become frustrating, it’s not fun searching for that new level.
  • It could have used a better saving feature, it’s my fault for not using what GunWorld 2 provides but it’s a very dated saving system.


Score 83% | GunWorld 2 is a fun challenging old school platform game with a few well thought implementations that make it very unique. For only eight dollar/euro you get a lot of content, I would even go so far that the developer could have asked a higher price. Want to relive old NES memories? Buy GunWorld 2 now!