Throughout the year you become friends with the “competition”, other websites that cover the kind of stuff that you can find on LifeisXbox. Here you can find a few of them, if you like our content then you will surely love the stuff that you can find below. So please follow them on social media and visit their sites regularly, trust me they push out great content! 

Xbox Gamers Belgium (FB group)

Story: I am a co-admin from this Facebook group, founder Thierry and I are best buddies in real life and often visit press events together.
Dutch Community group about Xbox
Link:  Facebook link

Xbox Game On

Story: Ricardo and me go way back, he was actually one of the first people who followed LifeisXbox on Twitter. While we don’t speak often I do consider him as an online buddy. It is not the kind of website that will post day one game release reviews but I do enjoy reading his content a lot, with an honest and pretty unique way of writing.
Content: Xbox news and quickie game reviews
Website link:
Twitter Link:


Story: BloodyGoodReviews is actually a freelance writer for ThisGenGaming. Me and Robby had brief Facebook contact and met at Gamescom 2018, now our contact is a little bit more occasional. This crazy dude writes insanely big reviews and often gifts his followers with giveaways.
Content: Youtube video’s, game reviews and giveaways
Website link:
Twitter Link:


Story: Before I started LifeisXbox I wrote for a Belgian Xbox website called, this project was supported by Xbox Belgium. Here is where I met Lander from GamingBoulevard. This multiplatform website is one of my favorite places on the internet, for real!
Content: Multiplatform news, video’s and reviews.
Website link:
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Story: FLEGA supports the Flemish games industry, it shares info about the Belgian developers and represents them.
Content: Belgian gaming info
Website Link:
Twitter Link:


Story:  Player2Reviews was one of the first to support us on Twitter, these fellows bring out great content and are super friendly. As they write themselves:  a reputable second opinion on the gaming industry so be sure to read their content after reading our reviews πŸ™‚
Content: Multiplatform news and reviews
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