Eyes on the Week (23th-27th January)

Eyes on the Week (23th-27th January)

Time to look back on the week we’ve just had! What did the weekdays look like for our writers? What was the biggest news from the week? and what are we looking forward to playing during the upcoming weekend? Our Eyes on the Week article will answer all three of these questions!

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Happy Friday everyone! This week has been fairly relaxed for me with some gaming thrown into the mix. I played SMITE on Monday for a few games and then Year 10 was released on Tuesday which has been exciting to witness – on Twitch. I haven’t got around to playing any games yet as I want to educate myself on the new items and how the new conquest map works before committing more time. Watching players who main the support role has been great and I think it’ll help me when I decide to return to the game properly because I’ve missed it. The rest of my time has been spent playing Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey and, yesterday, managed to get 100% completion – the first person to finish every achievement the game has to offer! Seeing those 0.00% achievements pop was a whole other feeling I greatly appreciated and enjoyed. The game was released today and my review will be online on Monday (perhaps sooner) so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for that being published.

Most exciting news of this week: Road 96 is getting a prequel in April called Road 96: Mile 0 and I look forward to seeing what direction this is taken in. Plus, the Xbox & Bethesda showcase gave us some interesting previews and information.

Looking forward to playing: A Space for the Unbound, perhaps SMITE, and whatever else interests me.

Dae Jim

While you are reading this I am enjoying myself in the magical world of Disneyland. The past week has been really fun on Xbox with the surprise release of Hi-Fi RUSH. I also had a blast with Clunky Hero (review soon!) and finishing up with High on Life.

Most exciting news of this week: That’s easy! Hi-Fi RUSH was released out of nowhere!

Looking forward to playing: Curious to see how Age of Empires will play on Xbox.


I’ve been out sick with the stomach flu, but I did make good use of it and finally beat One Piece Odyssey, even made a good dent in the 100% completion. Was able to add a score to my REVIEW too.

Also made good progress in Pokémon Violet, beating all the Gym leaders and Team Star members. Just a few more hours to beat the game now and I’ll write up a review afterwards.

Started playing Rhythm Sprout for review as well, a Rhythm game with Mario RPG-like humour and presentation. You can expect that review at the end of the month, it comes out on February 1st!

Most exciting news of this week: HiFi Rush surprise drop, totally a game that’s right up my alley.

Looking forward to playing: All the games mentioned above!


This week I have been playing some of the recently released RE:CALL which you can read about [HERE]. It’s a fun game with a really unique mechanic about changing the past, which changes the future and affects your outcome. I highly recommend checking it out.

Other than this, I managed to play some Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare with my son. It’s actually quite an addictive game with many modes to choose from. Multiplayer, wave-based survival, and many more. Plus you get to collect new plants by collecting stickers for your book.

Finally, I will be playing Dead Space Remake today which, as I write this, I am sitting here eagerly waiting for.

Most exciting news of this week: Goldeneye coming out on Xbox Game Pass! HUGE WIN!

Looking forward to playing: Dead Space Remake.


This week I only got to play Risen for an upcoming review. So far I’m enjoying it, but there are some problems that I can’t overlook, including technical ones and the ones that come with the game’s age.

Most exciting news of this week: Hi-fi Rush being announced and released on the same day, I’m curious about it but I think I’d rather wait until I have a next-gen console to play it.

Looking forward to playing: Finishing Persona 5 Royal and playing more Risen.


It’s been a quiet week, this time around. While I played my regular set of games, not a lot to note happened in them. Well, I say not a lot, but I’ve been making good progress through Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers. Such good progress that by the time this goes live, I will most likely have started the Endwalker expansion. I’m really excited to.

I investigated a lot more paranormally active locations in Phasmophobia with my crew. We’re steadily getting better at what to do in panic situations such as when the ghost starts hunting, yet we still have some way to go before we’re moving on to professional difficulty.

Pummel Party also graced my monitor as we played it for one of my friend’s birthday at his request. It was fun, but we need a couple more people to get the most out of it I think.

Most exciting news of this week: Has to be the Developer_Direct from Xbox & Bethesda.

Looking forward to playing: Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker for sure. The journey I’ve been on over more or less the last year is entering its final act, and I’m ready to see what the finale has in store.


I have been playing a few different games this week. I completed WHALIEN – Unexpected Guests a few days ago, which was released this week on Steam. It is an awesome game that, as the main mechanic, uses a push-and-pull ability, but with that and some platforming you have to solve puzzles, find collectibles, and even beat a few enemies.  I have also finished Khimera: Puzzle Island which is a nice picross game that I could easily play on the way using my Steam Deck.  And I’ve started with Chained Echoes, what does this game look beautiful and still gives me a feeling of nostalgia.

Most exciting news of this week: The announcement of SteamWorld Build and that there are 3 other unannounced SteamWorld titles in the making.

Looking forward to playing: More Chained Echoes – I’m still in the beginning so a long way to go.