About LifeisXbox

Hi! I am Dae Jim, the founder, and editor-in-chief of LifeisXbox. I think you want more information about our LifeisXbox project, else you wouldn’t be reading this, right? I started this completely alone with a review for State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition in 2015, with barely any readers but I didn’t care as I loved to share my opinion about it. After a few months more and more people came to visit and our review concept was a hit. Nowadays we reach over 140.000 readers a month and have 12 writers, to think that all started with having 0 readers and only me as a writer!

LifeisXbox stands for honest and real reviews, we have time to read information so our reader instantly knows how long it takes. Our reviews are split up between good, mixed, and bad sections. As a result, the reader can quickly gather information about the game. We’re pretty unique with this system, as the reader is more likely to read the full review and not skip to the conclusion.We only post reviews on our front page. So every review has the chance to reach our full audience, indie or not! This way smaller games have a lot of views, while they are buried in content on other sites. We also have a LifeisXbox recommended tag that we give out for games scoring over 85%


2015 | LifeisXbox starts as a personal review blog
2016 | LifeisXbox rebrands as a website and officially works together with Xbox Belgium.
2017 | Rafael joins LifeisXbox (Xbox writer) – LifeisXbox announces partnership with Xbox Gamers Belgium, making LifeisXbox one of the largest Belgian Xbox websites.
2018 | LifeisXbox announces acquisition of XET.be (news) increasing traffic with 8% (most of that Belgian readers) – Alexis joins LifeisXbox (Xbox writer)
2019 | LifeisXbox starts with pc game and hardware reviews – Maui and Michael join LifeisXbox (pc writers) – Robby joins LifeisXbox (adviser’s role) -Cr8sh joins LifeisXbox (writer)
2020 | VicciVulpix joins LifeisXbox (Xbox writer) – Toto joins LifeisXbox (Xbox writer) – Mikachu joins LifeisXbox (pc writer)
2021 | Thomas joins LifeisXbox (pc writer) – Aaron joins LifeisXbox (writer)

Our current editorial team

Dae Jim (Editor-in-chief and founder)
Maui (Pc managing editor) – VicciVulpix (Managing editor)
Rafael (Senior writer) – Alexis (Senior writer) – Cr8sh (Senior writer)
Aaron (Writer) – Toto (Writer) – Michael (Writer) – Mika (Writer) – Orange Spark (Writer)