About LifeisXbox

Each game is unique, we get that and we treat every game the same way. Every writer has to finish the single-player before writing a review. Or play it for five hours if it is something that can’t be finished or only has online gameplay. It doesn’t matter if the game comes from Microsoft or a single developer. We’re not afraid to write an honest opinion and we form that opinion from every aspect of the game. Most importantly gameplay! We do try to always cover graphics, sound, replay value, and gameplay in our reviews.

Scoring Policy

100-85% or in other words, LifeisXbox recommended!
You can’t go wrong here, games scored 85% or higher are games that everyone should play or own.

We know this is a big margin but we honestly feel that games in this scoring range can have fans. We as reviewers can just give guidance and personal opinions. Don’t just focus in our scoring but actually read our reviews to find out if the game might be something for you.

35% or lower
Everything below 35% is something that’s not worth your time and money. While we strongly believe that every game can have fans we also believe that any game scored below 35% will most likely be a bad buy. Please avoid buying these games.