Short review: The Coma 2 Vicious Sisters

While it isn’t a point-and-click game The Coma 2 has some similarities with the first Clock Tower from the 90’s, no worries if you don’t know that one as it is pretty old. The first Coma named Cutting Class was fairly popular so besides some small tweaks it is very similar and a direct sequel. Understanding everything requires playing the first one but newcomers can find their way in this 2D side scrolling horror experience easily. This immersive and surprisingly beautiful adventure from South-Korean developer Devespresso Games is definitely something worthy to check out, be sure to check out our full review here from the pc version, as this is a short Xbox version review.

Two of the main striving factors for enjoying The Coma 2 is the storyline and the immersive visuals, this gets regularly abrupted by the challenging dangers in the game. I died a bit too many times to fully enjoy the total atmospheric package. Playing as the highschool girl Mina Park isn’t really that easy, finding keys and solving puzzles while avoiding and running away from all sorts of enemies can be a pain, especially if that loading screen from dying again pops up too many times. That said, the required intelligent gameplay is really addictive and the unpredictable story is really engaging and interesting. A big thumbs up for the music and sound effects too, I play with my headset on and it really sets that creepy and scary mood in an instant. Performance wise this game runs as expected on Xbox One, smooth and crisp!