LifeisXbox played Battletoads

Who hasn’t played some beat-em-up games with a friend right? Well for those three people who don’t know Battletoads this is one of the hardest in the genre and was originally created by Rare. This new Battletoads is now in the good hands from developer Dlala, I wrote good because what we played at Gamescom was really fun!

First of all, the booth from Battletoads at Gamescom was really lovely with lots of attention to detail and a pretty sweet Photo opportunity where you could sit with a toad on a moveable motorcycle. All this tralala would have been a shame if the game wasn’t fun, right? Luckily this new Battletoads found a great mix between feeling fresh but staying true for what it is known for.

While playing the first traditional sidescrolling level it was immediately clear how colorful the visuals are, lots of detail have been spent on giving everything personality. Another clear difference was how much more easy it was. While the previous Battletoads were known for their difficulty, things are pretty different from this upcoming game. At least with the normal levels, things took a serious increase in difficulty when we got to the second part of the playable demo. Here we controlled the Battletoads on bikes (Yeah, I’m sure you know how difficult this was on the previous games), we ran out of time but almost made it towards the end!

The gameplay was fun and controlled perfectly, the toads and enemies have a lot of funny dialogue and the animations are really beautiful. Not all is positive though when things hit the fan it is easy to lose track of your character resulting in some cheap hits that could have been avoided. Overall it seems that Microsoft has learned from the past and is working on bringing more diversity in the Xbox One line-up.