Lovely Planet 2: April Skies

Lovely Planet 2: April Skies is actually the fourth title in the Lovely Planet series. Confusing, right?! Anyway, first there was Lovely Planet back in 2014. Then fans got treated to two side game or sequels, whatever you want to call them. The first one was Lovely Planet Arcade (2016) and the second one was called Super Lovely Planet (2017). With Lovely Planet 2, an actual sequel to the original game has been presented, trying to improve its predecessor. I’m going to be honest with you guys: I haven’t played the first game, nor have I played the spin-off games. This review will thus not contain any comparisons with the older games but will be a standalone review just looking at this game!

Friend is scared for his life, poor thing.
  • Cute graphics: This is a first-person shooter game but a hella cute one. Nothing about this game is scary. There are hearts all around the map, your gun looks like one of those water guns, there are toys floating around, and your enemies don’t look evil in the slightest. Yes, the graphics are very simple but there’s perfect for this game.
  • Easy to play, hard to master: So the game exists out of five worlds with over a hundred levels. The controls and the idea of the game are both very simple. Concerning the controls, there’s simply moving, shooting and jumping. As for the gameplay itself, it’s basically shooting red enemies that attack you, jumping from one part to another and not hitting the blue friends. This all sounds very basic and easy but don’t get fooled, it is very hard to master. Precision and quick thinking are key in this game and if you can’t balance those two, you’re going to replay some levels again and again and again.
  • Fun soundtrack: Just like the graphics, the soundtrack is quite cute and even though this game is a first-person shooter game, the music makes you dance around a little on your chair. Even if you get frustrated (yes, I admit, I got frustrated when those cute red bastards hit me before I could dodge), the music will put you in a calmer mood again.
  • Extra levels to unlock: There are actually two types of levels you can unlock in Lovely Planet 2. First, there are some hidden levels and secrets throughout the levels. Besides these, there are also the ying-yang levels, which allow you to replay every level in a more challenging game mode. This gives a little extra to the game that is otherwise quickly over.
  • Create some challenge for yourself: If you want to challenge yourself a little more, you can try to achieve all three stars on a level. A star is given for quickly achieving victory, another one for beating a certain time and the last one for having 100% accuracy. Safe to say that the last one is the most difficult one. I’m gonna be honest with you, I started out only achieving one star per level because my quick-thinking wasn’t always very quick. Oops.
Ready to find my way towards the purple beam and finish the level!
  • Euhm, I got nothing: So, most of Lovely Planet 2’s aspects are just simply great and there’s only one bad aspect namely the length of the game. There are no mediocre things about this game.
“City” is one of the five unique worlds.
  • Short: The game doesn’t last very long even though there are over a hundred levels. The levels themselves are very short and usually only last like one minute so yeah, very short.

Score: 90%
I had so much fun playing Lovely Planet 2: April Skies! Even though it was hard to master from the start, it was also highly enjoyable from the start. The simplicity combined with the quick-thinking and precise gameplay is played out in this game perfectly. Add to this some cute graphics and an adorable soundtrack, and how can you not like this game! Admitted, the game is short but the extra challenges provided make up a little for that. As I mentioned in the introduction, I haven’t played the previous games but I did read up on them afterwards. The one thing that kept coming up is that this game is a lot easier than its predecessor so be warned if you’re familiar with the Lovely Skies series!

Developer: QuickTequila Publisher: tinyBuild Games
Played on: PC
Steam Game Store Link: click here