Have you ever wanted to roll around like a ball to save our civilization? Well, know the developers over at Adaptive Game have given us the change to do so with their new game TECHNOSPHERE RELOAD. Go through different mazes, puzzles or over obstacles in order to reach the end point in time. In the sci-fi scenario, the game offers us a new ball-roller game which should make us forgot about all the others, at least that is if you save the world. So did Adaptive Game give us a new classic? Is the game playable? Well, let us roll into the world of TECHNOSPHERE RELOAD and find out.

The beautiful obstacle course
  • Visuals: When you are playing the game, one of the first things you will notice are the beautiful sci-fi visuals. They really draw your attention, and nothing looks the same. The developers really put some effort into this and made the game a real eye-catcher. At one point you might have to dig yourself a way through a room that’s filled with boxes and at another point in the game you have to go through an area that’s filled with big machines. The game keeps looking beautiful and detailed. A big thumbs up here for Adaptive Game!
  • Sound: In addition to the beautiful sci-fi visuals, the developers made things even better with the beautiful sound and sound-effects that the game has to offer. If you had a little doubt whether this game was giving the real sci-fi experience, I’m sure that now it has gone away. You really get the complete package. And if you don’t agree with me, well… Let’s do a roll-off or something and I’m sure that I will change your mind.
  • Story: Another great aspect of the game is the story mode, which gives you somewhere around 10 hours of exciting gameplay. Or as the developers say it. ‘’You have 10 hours to save the earth from disaster!’’ The story really grabs your attention through the different obstacles you will have to overcome and the great looks of the surroundings, just like I have mentioned already.
  • Puzzles: So another thing this game is about, is rolling your ball through different puzzles, obstacle, mazes, traps and lots of other things that will make your way to save the earth difficult. Where at first things might seem a bit easy, in the end, the puzzles will get harder and the time you will get to solve them runs out faster than you might think. By implementing the time limits to the puzzles, the game gets another dimension and the gameplay really benefits from it. If you are a racer just like me, you really get the vibe of doing things faster and the game will become even more fun.
  • Challenging: When combining all the things that I’ve mentioned, the right word to describe TECHNOSPHERE RELOAD is ‘challenging’. Going through the beautiful settings, rolling against time while perfectly staying in balance to prevent your ball from falling off track, but still in the need to solve the mazes or puzzles. The game is a challenging one, where you can easily lose your mind just as much as you will lose track of the time, and after a while, you will realize that you have been playing for hours already.
Which way should I go?
  • Controls: Where the game might be fun and challenging to play, one of the harder parts to deal with are the controls. Okay, maybe this shouldn’t really be a mixed point since it’s also about skill, but, I can imagine that some people out there are going to have a problem with the controls. At some points, while playing the game you have to be in total balance or you will fail, and if you are just a bit wobbly, you are going to have a hard time. But like I already mentioned before, it’s also about skill so, in the end, you will just have to teach it to yourself.
I failed…
  • No bad points?!: After playing this game for a couple of hours, there weren’t any bad points that I encountered. I really liked the game and if you are into games like this, I have a good feeling that you also won’t encounter any bad points!

Score: 93%
TECHNOSPHERE RELOAD is a real pearl! The game offers challenging gameplay, which takes place in a beautiful setting. Where the controls might be a bit hard to learn, especially when your ball gets different perks, the puzzles and the mazes make up for everything again. And I think it’s safe to say that if you kinda like games like this, TECHNOSPHERE RELOAD is a must have for every Steam Library out there!

Developer: Adaptive Game Publisher: Adaptive Game
Played on: PC
Time to beat: Around 10 hours
Perfect for: If you solving puzzles while beating time.
Steam Game Store link: Click here