Party Arcade

As the name suggests Party Arcade is a game that you play with others, offline or online. But mostly offline as not a single soul is playing Party Arcade online. That’s a shame because it actually has a few decent gimmicky mini-games, for a steep price. Back in the days when Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were still a thing or when our writer Alexis was still in shape (was he ever?!), you had many similar games like Party Arcade, in today’s gaming world it is nearly extinct like the dinosaurs. But enough of my jabber jabber, here is our review for Party Arcade from developer Farsight Studios.

  • You vs. a friend: Without question this was made to be “enjoyed” with friends and it does a fairly decent job with giving some activities, thing is that they don’t remain fun for long. Me and my girlfriend played it for a short while, air hockey was our favorite despite being plagued with awful controls. It is great from Farsight Studios that they wanted to bring some old-school party mini games that everyone can simply pick up and play without much effort.
  • Visuals: Considering the number of cons it is kinda surprising that the visuals are pretty decent. While the free roam environments look pretty artificial because of the lifeless crowd, it is a pretty neat way to explore what the game has to over. Visuals are crisp and clean while playing the mini-games and performance remains solid too.
  • WHY DOES THIS HAVE MICROTRANSACTIONS??! Unlocking everything isn’t only too long and boring it clearly is made like a massive grind so players are more likely lured into buying 1000 tickets (€0,99), 5500 tickets (€5) or 12000 tickets (€10) This wouldn’t be an issue if this was only limited to cosmetic items, the main issue is that challenges are also behind this massive grind/paywall. This game costs €20, in all honesty, that is more than I am willing to give for this kind of experience and still dares to use these kinds of schemes?
  • Tedious gameplay: Some games are dull from the start, with a limited selection that’s pretty deadly. Not one single mini-game remains fun for more than a few rounds, the reason why? Not a single form of realism, for example billiard. Balls just never go how you thought they would go, and other games like Bocce Bal are so damn repetitive that it simply doesn’t make any sense why they added it to begin with.
  • Content: Besides having more than enough odd design choices the game just lacks enough content to really warrant a purchase. I know it is cruel what I’m writing but the game is simply not worth your money. This atrocity is priced more than enough (€20) to expect some sort of replay value or at least enough content so you can
  • Lame controls that can easily be fooled: Each game can be easily manipulated for reaching the maximum high score, just knowing how to place the cursors and choosing your speed or power is enough to break the fun. The floaty and unresponsive controls are also a major concern while playing against a friend, scoring in air hockey or ping pong never happens because you are good at it, it basically becomes a for who will the controls screw up the first situation.


Score: 20%
It works… that’s all I can say about Party Arcade. This game isn’t something that will get the party started but more than likely kill it immediately. I’m actually pretty angry too, this has potential and they failed to accomplish any kind of fun with it. Not to mention the TERRIBLE unlocking system that lures unfortunate players into microtransactions.