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Amazing Princess Sarah review

Getting attention as a retro 2D  action platformer isn’t simple, excuse my language but even big female parts as a banner doesn’t really help getting noticed (or does it?) But still, Amazing Princess Sarah is totally worth your precious time, read in this review why!

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Beatsplosion! for Kinect review

Imagine a lonely empty desert with miles and miles of sand, nothing else but sand. The oasis you would be looking for can be compared with an Xbox One Kinect game, it’s very, very rare. Luckily we have Virtual Air Guitar, one of the few studios that still make games for the Kinect. In this review you find out if Beatsplosion is a worthy  time consumer.

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Life is Strange

As a gamer life is sometimes strange experiencing all those alien invasions, racing for that first place in the world or saving the beautiful lady for the millionth time. That’s why I continue with gaming, all those lovely experiences but for games like Life is Strange everyone should become a gamer, everyone should play and feel Life is Strange.

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