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FRU review

FRU review | FRU isn’t the first game that uses your silhouette for magical gaming moments, but it’s the first time that a developer perfected it. Will FRU be the last Kinect game? That’s a big possibility, but Kinect can be proud that it ended with a bang, with Kung Fu for Kinect and now FRU! Read more about it in this FRU review!

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Soda Drinker Pro review, the best worst game ever

What the fuck?! Was my first thought when I started Soda Drinker Pro. My second thought was why anyone would make a game like this. My third thought was who buys this kind of game. My fourth thought was everyone will buy this. Check out this review for Soda Drinker Pro, but ill be honest, reviewing a game like this simply cannot be done right but please read it anymore!

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Beatsplosion! for Kinect review

Imagine a lonely empty desert with miles and miles of sand, nothing else but sand. The oasis you would be looking for can be compared with an Xbox One Kinect game, it’s very, very rare. Luckily we have Virtual Air Guitar, one of the few studios that still make games for the Kinect. In this review you find out if Beatsplosion is a worthy  time consumer.

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